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Ragnarok Online!
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31 / M / Boston, MA
Posted 8/1/12 , edited 8/2/12
Ah RO, my first MMO. I use to play it 7-8 years ago in Valhalla RO and a few others. I still reminisce about it comparing to other MMOs. I miss old Payon, there were only 2 job class, endless hours getting the extra 10 job levels to 50 as an acolyte, and fighting to defend our guild castle in WOE.

Oh good times.
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27 / M
Posted 8/7/12 , edited 8/8/12
I play RO from time to time nowadays. I was hardcore into the game when it first came out, I spent countless hours of my life in game. I really liked it because it reminded me alot of old school RPG games. I miss Payon too Seng! Anyway, still a great game to this day... These days I've been playing alot of Dragon Nest. I found a huge game directory ( where you can still download Ragnarok if anyone is interested in starting back up with me. Inbox me if interested!
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33 / F
Posted 9/8/12 , edited 9/8/12
Recently dropped from playing on weekends to not playing at all since last April at iRO.

I had so much fun memories Sadly I guess it finally ended after all these years. My guildies left for WoW and whenever I try to look for another guild to check out, they don't really seem to fit my...casual playing style as most of the guilds require active levelling and participation, which I can't really dedicate that much to. Additionally, they all sound like power-hungry wolves that can't even hold a casual conversation without being detracted to trying to find out what's the best equipment for them.


But I still draw fanarts hahah

I haven't continued my comic in a while but here

3 pages of a comic so far oh well the good old days...
Posted 9/9/12 , edited 9/9/12
Still play the game... First MMO that I've become addicted to..
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27 / Canada
Posted 9/11/12 , edited 9/12/12
I'm sad that games will never be like RO anymore, it was the perfect idea of mmo, kind of reminds me some grinding here and there or go farm mats to make a hat or just hang out in town with guildies..I miss that. I play just a bit of iRO, mostly qRO and some heRO.
Posted 9/21/12 , edited 9/21/12
RO4ever! ROk On!
Posted 9/21/12 , edited 9/21/12
You should all try FlawlessRO..
Its a low rate server and balanced.. NO 3RD JOBS

It's in Top 4 RO servers in xtreme top 100
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23 / F / Fish Bowl
Posted 9/29/12 , edited 9/30/12
This is the first online game I played, and until now I'm playing it.

I'm on TheoRO. It's new and there's not much players. :'(
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25 / F / Rhode Island
Posted 10/13/12 , edited 10/13/12
when I get my own computer I have thought about downloading it again and continue with my character which I think is either a.... Priest or an Acolyte

Or I might start over and make a Super Novice
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19 / F / At the toilet
Posted 10/26/12 , edited 10/27/12
Love ragnarok. <3 I used to play RRO (ragnarok revolution online) But it closed :/
I miss my high wiz.
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41 / M / Oklahoma City
Posted 2/17/13 , edited 2/17/13
I'm still on iRO Chaos server occasionally. When I want to visit familiar places and remember long lost faces.
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33 / F / Philadelphia, PA
Posted 2/17/13 , edited 2/18/13
Wow, so old. I remember my friend playing this back in HS and he'd let me make characters. Then he kept deleting them. And the test server which was free but virtually rolled back every other day so you'd make no progress any way.


I don't play anymore. Met some great people back in the day but it always felt so very unsocial on there after about 2006 ish.
Posted 3/7/13 , edited 3/8/13
AHHHH I LOVE THIS GAMEEEEEE the music is amazing <3
high priesttttt is the best..
i'm thinking of starting ragnarok again
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22 / M / Montréal
Posted 4/21/13 , edited 4/22/13
I play We are Online aka Deliverance Online Aka Chrono Online

The rates are 50x50x30x
If you want join here..

I'd be happy to see more players ^_^

Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 10/25/13 , edited 10/25/13
Closed due inactivity. 0 new posts in months. Locked.
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