A quick way to heal a broken heart
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Posted 4/6/11 , edited 4/6/11

Waking up in another strange place is not exactly something that would surprise me these days. As a matter of fact; I’m not so sure what home really means anymore, after travelling from one country to the other, so often. However, waking-up in a hospital is entirely different story.

While, I was busy trying to figure out by myself what did I do this time--- A Doctor came in…“Well, it’s nice to see you back from the dead, you gave us quite a fright last night.” he said with a hint of concern. I looked at him with a puzzled expression on my face, while he was still taking down some data from the ECG monitor, and my blood pressure.., afterwards he nods his head a couple of times…. And then, he pulled a little device out of his pocket: insert the tip of my index finger into the little opening and then, pressed the button on the other end.

‘Ouch! That hurts! If you must know…’ Was the first thing that came into my mind… and yet, I was too weak to say it out loud, for the Doctor to hear me.

“Hang in there kid, you’ll be back on your feet in no time,” with the feeling of his hand ruffling my hair, was the last thing I remembered before I passed out for the second time.

A warm moist towel gently wiping my face woke me up this time, as I opened my eyes I saw a woman’s face staring at me. Instinctively, I pushed her hand holding a towel away from my face, to her surprise.

“Oh!? My Prince charming…. Finally awakes.” The Lady in a weird uniform said, “Ohayou Gozaimas…. Ouji sama.”

“Nan no hanashi desu ka…. Onna.” I replied with grumpy voice and a rather confused expression on my face.

The nurse immediately reached into her pocket to pull-out a little Japanese phrase book. As she started browsing through it franticly: I looked at her and said… ”If it bothers you that much…., we can always talk in English.”

She suddenly stopped. Afterwards, she looked at me with an expression of relief on her face, “thank you…. I was really worried there for a moment” she said with her hand on her chest.

Before, she could utter another word…. I asked her, “What makes you think that I am a Prince?” Without any hesitation, she replied, “All the ‘Get well soon” flowers we received addressed to you, from online flower shops, and your physical appearance suggest that you could be a royalty or very wealthy. These delicate fingers of yours… and, not to mention your snobby attitude can be easily mistaken as such,” she added.

“Well, well… aren’t you a smart one… So, if you don’t mind me asking how long do I have to stay here?”

With a cheerful smile on her face, she replied, “As long as you like… Ouji sama,” and then she giggles.

Even though she’s kind of cute, with a slightly irritated tone of voice I told her to stop addressing me as Prince. She immediately turned around picked up all little cards that comes along with the flowers and walked back towards me.

“This kanji characters means ‘Ouji sama or Prince’ desu yo ka?” she asked while dangling the message cards in front of my face.

“Wow, you are pretty clever, aren’t you…?” I said with a teasing smile. “I presumed you already deciphered all the messages on those cards while I was sleeping… as well.” She nodded and then smiled.

“Don’t believe everything you see… Onna. And please… Call me anything except, Prince!”

“Sure, no problem… from now on, I will call you ‘Sweetheart’.”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard to a point…. I shouted, “What…!? Are you Nuts?”

“Nope!” she replied, without any reservation she jumped right on top of the bed and sat on me with her legs spread apart bracing herself with her chest on my face, while her hand stroking the hair on my head, as the distance between our lips gets closer and closer--- She whispered, “You said… I can call you anything…. Didn’t you?”

“Y..yes…” I replied nervously, “but what about that security camera,” I asked, as I put my hands on both sides of her cheeks and gently turned it towards the security camera mounted on the ceiling.

“Don’t worry…. It’s already turned off,” she replied with a naughty smile on her dial.

She grabbed both of my hands that was currently holding her cheeks and put it on top of her chest… “Yikes! This Babe is really serious” I thought… So, when, she was poised to try and kiss me again, I turned my head on the side with my lips pointing at the door. “Onna, what about the door…. Have you locked it yet…?”

She pressed her soft lips into my ear and softly whispered, “You are just trying to distract me aren’t you…?”

“Absolutely not..!” I replied confidently, “Otherwise, I would have pressed the emergency buzzer already… Isn’t it? However, I do have a small request; if you don’t mind… I haven’t brush my teeth, shaved this prickly stubbles on my face, nor have a proper shower since, I was admitted here. On top of that I feel sticky and uncomfortable. Would you mind, please get off and leave me alone until then….”

Shocked with my response… She hesitantly, said, “W.. well… of course, sweetheart.”

Few minutes later…. She was still sitting on top of me with her miniskirt revealing her bare sensitivities.

“Well, what are you waiting for…? Get-off of me and leave me alone! Otherwise, I might end-up forgetting my promise.”

Pretending to be an arrogant snob sometimes; do pays off… I thought to myself.

As she turned everything back; to how it should be. She asked me; if I could spare a flying kiss for safe keeping at least... until then….

So, I blow a flying kiss to die for…. Just for her and afterwards, I went back to sleep, thinking…. Just because, I recently broke up with my girl, doesn’t mean I need a quick relief for my broken heart. However, I couldn’t help wondering whether, she was a real nurse or just another prank, from my friends.

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27 / Australia.
Posted 4/6/11 , edited 4/6/11
Author's note:

It's a stroke away from the stereo type, "doctor and nurses gig". I hope you don't mind if I share it with you. *Smiles*

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