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Hey, I know there's some fans on here of the show so please do join in.

Anyway, I just started watching this - no not for the first time but for the "first" time in a long time - and I forgot how sexist (in some ways) the show was. One of my personal gripes with many things is the whole stupid "Pink = girl" thing and "all girls love pink" thing. This is something that becomes a big deal not just in animation, but in games (especially games aimed at girls) and toys among other things. To me the worst is when a female creator or group of females pull this crap or are ok with it / tolerate it and don't speak up against it, ect. It's understandable on some level if a male creator pulls that but I can't understand and get annoyed if I find out that a female is responsible for it.

On the other hand, though, at least animation in the 80's tried to have good female role models through their characters. For example, even though she's a princess...Zelda in the cartoons and comics from the 80's was in some ways very different from how she is usually shown. For me, as a girl who - (even when I was in my "must love Pink!" brain-washed victim of society phase) - who has never been a huge "girly girl" but somewhat of a "tomboy" ...I really love and appreciate 80's Zelda. The Zelda who wore pants and shirt with a vest and boots, she could hold her own in a fight, and sometimes had to go save Mr. Hero. (yes people I'm also usually very anti-princess but have a soft spot for queens even though they wear dresses too...)

I hated some of the color choices they made for certain parts of Zelda's outfit even then but at least they didn't have her wearing a dress all the time and being a helpless thing that needed a male to rescue her.

Unfortunately, I apparently - (know this from pictures of me and my room from when I was a kid) - was one of those girls that at one point must've really fell for that crap and loved pink but fortunately as I grew up I realized just how stupid the whole thing was and grew out of it. And the older I get the more annoyed I am by it all.

Considering how much I loved this show growing up, I either must've ignored or let myself tolerate that aspect of the show. Or maybe I just didn't notice being too into storyline and stuff, I don't know. I don't remember much about why I loved this show except for things like the main girl supposedly being smart and going from " not very popular, not very cool" in her human school to beloved by all in her crazy new school. Hah.

It's a shame that in real life it still holds true that smart people can be bullied, are considered unpopular and "not very cool" , ect. and I speak from experience about this too.

Anyway, back to complaints and other comments.

Watching the first episode over again...I have to say, I can see now how this could be remade into an actual anime or would be confused by some silly people to be anime. Just because tons of Japanese may have helped with producing the show does not mean it's anime. There's some things though that are standing out to me now as an adult that just screams - "hey, this could easily be turned into an anime!" to me. For example in the very first episode we briefly are witness to the main female character dressed up in a cat costume. This can be a normal event in any other animation but it is something that is done often in anime. And she looked very cute in it!

More on the sexism - in the first episode not only are we assaulted with Pink on the female side what with most if not all girls in the series being bathed in Pink in one way or another and the space vehicle is Pink....her hair accessory is Pink.... the girls go off to "Style Station" or whatever it's called and Aimee (man I hate her name...why couldn't they have just named her something like Alex or Amy or Angel instead?) gets a make-over.
Suddenly Mr. I-was-popular-on-earth-so-why-am-I-not-popular-here is interested in her.

Unfortunately this can easily hold true in real life too...if you look a certain way guys don't care much about you but get a make-over and bam suddenly they're interested in you. This happens in movies and some games too. It's also a load of bullcrap just like the "BECAUSE I'M A GIRL, I MUST LOVE PINK!" thing.


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Comments about the second episode

Killer mushrooms and vampire penguins? bwahaha

I love how the "monsters" turned out to just be a bunch of harmless pizza lovers.

Well, since this episode focused on Doyle and pizza, there's not much to say.
Of course, being a girl I wished Alex - ( I know that's not her name but I'm gonna call her Alex anyway ) - wasn't just a cameo in this episode.

The episode was too short. Being a pizza fan, I wish it was longer but then again how could you make a long episode about pizza and have it still be a good one (good episode) ?

Third episode/general comments

According to :

"The meaning of the name Doyle is Dark Foreigner

The origin of the name Doyle is Irish"


"The meaning of the name Aimee is Beloved Friend

The origin of the name Aimee is French"

Well, Doyle's name doesn't suit him at all and aimee's name makes sense for the show in a way but I still really hate the spelling.

Also, if they are both american why does one have an irish name and the other a french one? Is doyle's family partly irish? Are any of aimee's relatives french?


I didn't like this episode very was probably intended to be a good lesson for kids to not eat too much and other health minded garbage but in my opinion it actually sends some very negative and nasty messages to overweight people, especially kids.

And since when is it ok to hitch-hike? overeating is not ok but trusting stangers to take you to take you where you want to go is?

some very mixed and mixed up messages here

the whole racing thing could be another issue...I think some might take racing very seriously but I like watching races so I hardly ever have anything negative to say about them....

Yet another episode where we don't see much of Alex ( aimee to purists )

Fourth episode

Poor Milo, as if having the last name of DeVenus isn't a bad enough thing for a guy....lady luck has left him in this episode.
Despite the fact that it's almost always Beef's fault, Milo is getitng the blame for every little thing that goes wrong....evil creators...haha

When they all whispered "for milo" It was so funny and creepy at the same time.

Stuff happens, Milo gets turned into a living mannequin, more stuff happens, blah blah blah, milo gets saved.

At the end though something happens that is again not Milo's fault yet everybody yells at him anyway. Sigh. *wants to slap the creators at this point*
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Cheer-leading and other comments

I have mixed feelings about's yet another thing that society assumes all girls want to be involved in.

Mick Maggers, obviously a play on Mick Jagger, eh?

Ha, not much to complain about with this episode...hilarious stuff here. I loved how "James" turned out to be Mick in disguise.

Wow...I'm surprised this series only had thirteen episodes. I am really disappointed that the series didn't have a longer run and not a much longer run at that. There's not much to say about the other episodes.
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