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It is by request of a certain someone that I will spam the forums with new threads. The request? to simply make any image into the shape desired, say making the image below into a shape of a circle. Note: I'm still using Adobe PS CS 2 but I checked with other versions, and i think it should be the same...This technique is sometimes called masking, you will know why later =D

P.S. I usually don't give out free tutorial so thank anonymous him since I am doing it out of old times!

so i simply start off with a basic layer for the avii(oh by the way, the image above was from an avii request from someone so watch me in action) =D done without permit MUAHAHAx...shush now...

I prefer to work the image separately first(it's by p-r-e-f-e-r-e-n-c-e). u can act pro and work on the same piece though. so i get this:

Now i select the shape:

Create a new layer and get the size of the circle you want. next, draw! Anywhere is just fine, you can move it later: (make sure the circle is not at the edge of the image or the shape would not be circle but semicircle!)

Move the circle above the spot of the image you want to mask/shape:

IMPORTANT STEP: switch the order of the layers such that the layer you want to mask/shape is above your shape, in my case, the circle. Then just right click and click 'create clipping mask'


SO ALL IS LEFT IS TO 'MERGE DOWN' JUST THE 2 LAYERS(right click again on the original image above shape layer and search for 'merge down') AND TRANSFER THE NEW IMAGE TO GET THIS.....


Free to comments but no flaming...sorry if it still isn't clear enough anyways, just post if you need help ON THIS TOPIC ONLY! Giving me a screenshot of your problem would be a bonus!!!
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LENGTHY INTRODUCTION: Unlike the previous tutorial, I did not figure this out myself. I relied on Google PS Tutorial which is super damn ****@#&% annoying to the point that I ended up exploring 'Animation in PhotoShop' myself. Once I've mastered scanbar animation, I could do any animation within limitation of PS. It's really exciting when u manage to enter the hidden world of Photoshop Animation. You have to try to understand how I feel. Today I will be teaching what I'm most confortable with. It's tedious at first but just look at the number of steps. Much less than where I have been learning unsuccessfully from. SCANBARS is the second request I had when I first joined the GFX Makers Community 2 years ago. The requester simply asked for one on her/his banner. I was like "shucks, what the heck is that??" Took me 2 days to fully master it. See if you can beat that!
ANIMATION has a beautiful effect on any GFX is used correctly by masters. I had fun doing icons with it. Just look below to see what other things I have SELF LEARNED (<----so proud of myself XD hurry and praise me!!) after learning just how to do scanbars

LAZY PEOPLE INTRODUCTION: LET'S START! PLEASE NOTE that I am still using PS CS2 so it might differ in the latest version you rich people are using XP

P.S. I may sound pretty haughty sometimes but please be assured it is just for fun. Never take me seriously. This time, the pics are pretty self explanatory...


Step 1 I have done my background for my animated avii! Pretty?

Step 2 Nothing difficult unless now is your first time looking at the program

Step 3 Opacity is set according to your preference - do u want it to cover your pic while it moves or just add effect as a near transparent moving bar?

Step 4 Important if this is the first time you even open your PS. I usually leave that application visible everytime I do any graphics but for ya sake....

Step 5 to 7 Here comes all the complicated steps...Animation layer refers to the pics u see when u click new frame on your Animation Window at the bottom, NOT THE ONE ON THE RIGHT SIDE WITH ALL YA LAYERS OF BRUSHES/TEXTURES

WALAA~ Your first animated icon! It's the same formula for every other graphics! You should get something like this:

However, if you hate the neverending moving of bars to places of no end and u are ready for another challenge, try this: WARNING Might be very complicated and ruin your whole avii!

i call this the bouncing effect which happens to be my self discovered style! To HELL with GOOGLE TUTORIALS!

Being a graphics maker means you must BE CREATIVE and DARING to try out new stuffs. Who knows you might discover a whole new animation technique! i HIGHLY recommend playing with photoshop during ya leisure time
Once you get the gist of how this real simple (to me it is) animation application is, you can do things like...

THE LAST AVII IS NO DOUBT DONE BY ME AND NO DOUBT WILL NOT BE TAUGHT TO U! <----kinda hard to teach through words and pics. You need to see my pretty face and listen to my pretty voice to understand (joking joking)
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Lengthy Intro
so u wanna learn how to add texture with PS CS2 huh? well, who could be a better sensei than the beautiful and talented moi -sudden unknown lights fall on the STAR of the show- *muacks* *muacks* I LOVE YOU TOO MY LOYAL FANS!!

Welcome to my third (or was it fourth?) CS2 tutorial! I know i know, i'm supposed to help the poor photoscape users and paintshop people. Sorry people, you are outcasted for the time being -sticks out tongue- *got whacked by the Creator* lazy lazy me *sigh*... now down to business. in this tut, i will teach you the really really simple, i swear!, of how to use any (and i mean..) ANY IMAGES TO TURN INTO A TEXTURE. remember, creativity is important in any gfx making. How to spot a good texture? STEAL FROM OTHER PEOPLE WHILE ACTING INNOCENT MUAHAHAHAHAHA *whack* *whack* anyways, the important thing is that you have an idea/theme in mind. Say you want a dark emo style, then look for grunge texture which has red and black as the main colours. You want your avii to be sparkly childish? look for glitter textures like this:

Good places to get textures:

Some deviants have good collections of their peronally done texture. I love kira's works! Textures does not necessary have to look LIKE A TEXTURE. even a photograph of a flower can become a great texture. Look at the bottom left of this avii: (mine btw. no stealing. i rarely show this nosebleed inducing pic)
You can catch a glimpse of a blue translucent flower edited with the techniques i will be showing u later...

But today, we will be using rainbows(my fave!) meeting bloodlust style!



Step 2: TRANSFERRING YOUR TEXTURE TO MAIN IMAGE! (this is one of the redundant steps i hate to show but to help you along...especially those slo- new users of CS2...*sigh*)



Step 5: ADVANCING...(using more than one texture..)


Feel free to post your comments and work here for help ^^ Here ya go! Freebies from da Almighty ME!!! Be happy! The queen gave away on RARE occasions! hmph

Requested by Anonymous someone with butterflies on their avii
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First of all, create a new file on photoshop. In this tutorial, I used 650 x 400

Then type in the text you want using the font you want. In this tutorial, I used the font;Elephants on cherry trees with the size of 72px
Position them any way you want, I simply wanted them to be this way.

Now select on one of the layers of text (you can also have the whole text on one layer. It's all up to you), then make a selection path.

Create a new layer above the selected text layer then fill it with gradient. In this tutorial, I used a yellow-mustard yellow gradient.

Create a new layer under the gradient layer you made (meaning this layer must be in between your original text layer and gradient layer). Go to Select > Modify > Expand. To expand the selection path. In this case, I expanded it to 7px

Fill the expanded layer with any color/pattern/gradient. I filled it with a darker shade of yellow. It should look like something like this.

For the next step, just use the move tool to move the gradient layer(or even the fill layer). It should have a 'sharp drop shadow effect' thing.

Now go wild, and just create more layers and move them around in different positions. (You can even rotate them if you want).
I made 5 layers on the sample below V

Now do the rest of the layers

EDIT: The menus and stuff may differ depending on your Photoshop versions. I use PS CS6 btw.
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