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Posted 4/8/11 , edited 4/8/11
Hey CR doods,

I was hanging out at a bud's place and watching some CR shows off his HTPC and talking about streaming anime. He's not a big fan of streaming, despite having FIOS and "mad phat pipes" compared to my puny cable connection at home. But he is a very serious packrat and he indexes every episode of every anime he watches with some perl scripts and it's all timestamped and what not. The conversation came to that he would totally watch CR if it provides that sort of tracking ability.

That got me wondering, we all know sites like MAL or anime-planet that is basically a facebook-y version of that stuff, where you can index all the stuff you watch and rate them, etc. Why can't CR make some kind of API or even just have that functionality built in? I know there's that viewing history thing but it doesn't track everything, plus it's just a raw list and have no time stamps, among other things. Also, it doesn't even track a full season of viewing, lol, if anyone watches as many shows as I do.

I think that would be pretty cool. I know my friend said he'd sign up for CR if it would let him do that. What do you guys think?
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