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Posted 4/8/11 , edited 4/9/11
Okay, here we go! MelodiX hosted by comedian Yama-chan and Shizu-chan!
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They start the show with a little background info on Momusu and about the 9th gen power up.
Then it's 9th gen introductions time~

"I'm Suzuki Kanon from Aichi. I'm 12 year old 6th year in elementary school. Please look after me~"

Yama-chan: Yes, onegaishimasu!
Zukki: My specialties include eating a lot and bug impersonations.
Yama-chan: Eh?! (everyone bursts out laughing)

Yama-chan: As for liking to eat, well even I can relate to that, but what was that other one again?
Zukki: Bug impersonations.
Yama-chan: Would you please demonstrate that for us?

Narrator: Here we are! Suzuki Kanon's bug impersonation unveiled!

Ai-chan: Aika, don't you think the butterfly one would be perfect?
Gaki-san: Yeah, yeah the butterfly! The butterfly! It's cute.
Yama-chan: Butterfly does sound cute.
Ai-chan: Yes, the butterfly one is cute.
Yama-chan: Oh, is it? Okay then, let's see the butterfly then. Go ahead~

Yama-chan: Stop! Stop! Camera, don't record that.
Mittsi: That's her specialty one.
Yama-chan: Why don't we discuss amongst ourselves and debate the change for her specialty! 'Cause that was quite the astounding movement.

Next, Momusu splits off into question and answer teams. Basically, the senpai get to quiz the Kyukkies on stuff~
The first question was pretty straight forward. Ai-chan asked them what food Nakazawa hates. I'll just skip along and say that none of them got it right. It was bananas.

Ai-chan says that she found herself in a fix because she didn't know this fact. She did a radio show with Nakazawa once and she brought banana juice in with her as her refreshment during the show. Nakazawa asked her what it was and when Ai-chan answered 'banana', Nakazawa sorta just turned away. She even hates the scent of banana.

Okay, the second question was HILARIOUS. Here we go~

Yama-chan: Alrighty then! [Next question]. Shige-san!
Sayu: Hai! It's from me. My question is: Out of the five of us here, who do you think is the number one person you shouldn't make angry?
Yama-chan: There we have it. This question deserves many points, huh Shige-san.

Fuku-chan: "Tanaka-san". (They skipped to Zukki's unveiling right after, so I'm guessing Fuku-chan had the same reasoning as Eripon.)

Zukki: "Michishige-san". Because she says that she is the number one cutest.

Sayu: Eh, what do you mean by that?
Yama-chan: Yeah, what do you mean?
Zukki: Kinda like... I shouldn't rain on her parade.
Yama-chan: You mean you shouldn't call yourself cute [in front of her]?
Zukki: I shouldn't break the aura that she created of her being the cutest. (everyone bursts out in epiphany laugher)
Sayu: It's like you're saying that you shouldn't emphasize your own cuteness [because I'll get mad]!
Zukki: Michishige-san is cute, but in reality she's... ehehe~
Sayu: What are you trying to say?!?!?!

Yama-chan: WELL!!! Now that we have all the answers. Let's hear the correct answer to the question! The answer is-!
Sayu: The answer is... Tanaka Reina!!

-it cuts to Sayu's explanation-

Sayu: For example, when I have to sing together with Reina... For me, uhhh.... it's not like I'm trying to mess up or anything it's just that sometimes I'll make a mistake on the beat or slip the rhythm or something. When this happens when I'm singing with others, like with Ai-chan or Gaki-san, they'll just be like, "Oh, be careful on that spot next time~" or something like that. But with Reina, she gets seriously pissed!! (enter laughing here) That's what I was thinking, but I've thought about it even more thoroughly and even though [the Kyukkies] just joined, they can sing better than my 9 years' experience.

-camera cuts to the Kyukkies' expressions and you can see Eripon shake her head ever so slightly with a face that reads,
"No, no, no, no, she's crazy..." XDDDD-

Sayu: They are all very good.
Yama-chan: That means they've passed you!
Sayu: Yes, exactly. They just joined, but they-
Yama-chan: So the real answer to this quiz question is: Shige-san, you've got to try a little bit harder!

-then it cuts to the performance which is then followed by the end-

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