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Posted 4/8/11 , edited 4/9/11
many thanks to AlwaysAi from Hello!Project Online

Cool: when is the first time you know Morning Musume and from what thing?
Zukki: when i'm very young, cant remember!

Cool: Whats the reason for auditioning for Morning Musume?
Zukki: Cause i always wanna be an idol, so i went for audition.

Cool: From all Morning Musume members, which members you admire most?
Zukki: in my heart, there's no No1 senpai, everyone is someone whom i'm respect.

Cool: When you know you are choosen as 9th gen morning musume, what your feeling.
Zukki: was thinking "can i?"

Cool:When you heard the results, what did you do?
Zukki: was actually sitting straightly, when i heard it, i cant control and jump up from my seat.

Cool: when is the first time you saw the current member

Zukki: 2nd Jan 2011, during H!P concert, the annoucement of 9th gen member.

Cool: Whats the first impression when you first saw the senior.

Zukki: Everyone is very shining

Cool: THe first senpai to talk to you, what did you all say that time?
Zukki: Michishige san..just nice that time, i bring along a special local product-- red bean when passing it to her, we talk..

Cool: From ownself, which is the thing you are most proud off..
Zukki: Even when i met something depress, i can change my mood very fast.

Cool: And which weak point that you want to overcome?

Zukki: Dont really know how to read the atmosphere.

Cool: What character will you think you will be in morning musume?
Zukki: Someone who hype up the atmosphere

Cool: Currently still practising non stop, during practises, did you met with any problem? how do you solve it?

Zukki: New song, there's a lyrics saying " no matter what, we have to be positive", this line, no matter what i cant sing properly.

Cool: Within those morning musume song you all have practise, which song is the more difficult in dancing?

Zukki: Fantasy ga Haijmaru

Cool: Please use your own point of view to descride [Majide suka SUKA] this song.
Zukki:No matter it's lyrics or tune, while listening, will make you feel bless..

Cool: after you join and come to tokyo to live, till now, did you encounter any thing that make yourself happy?
Zukki: Met new friend, while chatting with them, i'm very happy..

Cool: after you join Morning Musume, is there any new things that make you feel happiness
Zukki: got chance to meet many artist!

Cool: Lastly, can everyone say something to China Morning Musume fans

Zukki: I dont want just become Japan caterogy, in China fans heart i also wanna become a i'm "very powerful" idol!
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