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Posted 4/8/11 , edited 4/9/11

It’s 9th Gen member Suzuki Kanon-chan♪

It’s an impressive smile, Suzuki

No matter how harsh it may be it’ll be a smile♪

On Suzuki’s Concert Lyric card file,
there’s lots of drawings of smiles and smirks,
I was thinking always smiling, she must be innocent, but,
She must be putting in a lot of effort so that she doesn’t forget to smile, I thought.

I’m moved seeing such a sight.

But well basically, when she’s happy or having fun maturally a her smile just oozes out I think!

Well… Suzuki’s face when she’s eating food…

It’s an extremely wide smile it is.

That’s probably cause it’s so delicious it makes her ooze with happiness (*^o^*)

She’s a super cuteyー♪


Morning Musume。’s 9th gen members!

Sayashi RihoRiho and♪

Suzuki Kanon-chan♪

New Middle School 1st year students♪

Suzuki and Sayashi, somehow they’re always stuck together, it’s extremely cuteヽ(´▽`)/

Sayumi lately wants to wriggle about everyday (lol)

9th gen is so adorable (*´∀`*)

For the 9th gen, it was their first concert too,
they did their best with lots of rehearsing…

Today!First day!
They were amazingly cute, and had such good smiles!

Still going forward, I’m sure this Revived Morning Musume。 will certainly evolve more and more, for these times too please treat us well (o^-’)☆


Afro Musume。

Today this michevious Musume isssss!

Rainbow afro wearing Suzuki Kanon-chan!

While Sayumi was in her outfit fitting,
she came out from the changing room and,
Suzuki had this on her head (lol)

……I was cracking up(≧∇≦)

Or rather, it was so cute!

Seems it was something she bought herself at a 390 yen shop!

Not for just… for any reason,
she had purpose… when she bought it it seems (lol)

Since she could, it seems she also wawnted to go outside with this it seems (lol)

No way… of course thats…(lol)

Ahーsheeshー! I ended up wanting to just hug her you know!(^_-)

The angle in the second shot is the best.


“Afro Musume。2”
Suzuki Kannon-chan is worried about if the afro is properly staying on her head well…(lol)
(first shot, second shot)

The third picture is,

her relieved the afro is on okay,
once again Suzuki is full smiles (lol)

so cuteー(≧∇≦)

Her skins all shakyshaky♪

Well, already it’s the opposite of normal, she seems
totally natural with the afro hair (l
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Posted 10/27/11 , edited 10/27/11
Haha, Sayumi is really a big fan of idols even though she's one herself.
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Posted 12/26/11 , edited 12/27/11
yepp~ i agree. lolz<3! she's such a cute idol wota~~
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