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Suzuki Kanon, 12 years old, new musume.
Big announcement in her hometown Nagoya

One of the 9th generation members of idol group Morning Musume (MoMusume), born in Aichi prefecture, Suzuki Kanon (12) attended on the 15th, Hello! Project's artist live event "Kangei Shisen Matsuri" held in Chukyo University and Cultural Center in Nagoya. She did the big annoucement with a slightly anxious expression: "I'm 12 years old, I'm in 6th grade of primary school. Please treat me well", she introduced herself, decorating her debut in her home town.

The first one from the Tokai region of Honshu

Suzuki is the first musume who's born in the Tokai region of Honshu [which includes Aichi, Shizuoka, Mie and southern Gifu prefectures]. She was chosen in the audition that begun on August last year, where there were 9,000 applicants. She was chosen along Fukumura Mizuki (13), Ilkuta Erina (13), Sayashi Riho (12), and they'll start their activities as musume's in the concert that begins on March, and Morning Musume will re-start itself.

Suzuki entered the stage with a yellow tank top and pants of colour kaki. Leader Takahashi Ai (24) said "So Aichi is Zukki's (Suzuki) home town. You must be happy to have a concert on your home town" and Suzuki said "The concert hall is near my house. I'm relieved that I'll be able to return home soon". The 1,700 fans gathered there cheered her "do your best!".

Loves beef ribs

She got appreciation from Tsunku, who said that Suzuki has an energetic smile. She's part of the soft ball club in her school. In the marathon tournament of grades 3 to 5, she achieved 3rd place, and in the tournament for grade 6, she got 5th place. She is sports-oriented (she has a mind for sports). When she won, she went with her family to eat beef ribs (karubi) and cows' offal (horumon) in her favourite yakiniku store, which made her full.

At the event, a total of five groups performed, they were MoMusume, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, Mano Erina (19) and S/mileage. Takahashi Ai, who's graduating on this spring, said "I want to lead the new members into the group", and then she bowed. The fans were sobbing.

There's an event today too

On the same day, a second show was held at night, and a total of 3,400 persons were fascinated [by the concert/H!P/MM]. There's an event on the 16th as well.

Surrounded by her Hello! Project senpai's, a close-up of Morning Musume's new member Suzuki Kanon greeting the fans in her hometown is shown in Chukyo University and Cultural Center Hall in Nagoya city.

Profile: Suzuki Kanon
Born in August 5, 1998 (year 10 of Heisei era), 12 years old.
Currently resides in the Mika area of Aichi prefecture.
Blood type: B
Family: Parents and one little sister.
Nickname: Zukki (bestowed by Tsunku)
Favourite food: beef ribs, cows' offal
Subject: sports, society
Hates: watermelon, arithmetic, cooking
She's part of the soft ball club in school, her position is base. The batting order is a low rank baseball line-up.
The other new members have said their impressions about her: "her smile is cute and she's energetic. She's not shy, befriending other people is easy for her"
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Zukki!!!! Kawaii!
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yeppp:D definitely, she is:)! ~ ^___^ hehhee!~
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