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Posted 4/8/11 , edited 4/9/11
First off...

Welcome to Baka to Test: Battle of Bakas! We appreciate you joining and participating!


1. Read through the rules and understand them all before continuing... This is your warning.
2. Create a Character before role-playing.
3. Do not God-Mod or Power-Mod.
4. Respect the group's staff and your fellow members.

Follow the rules or else:

Our System..

How do we get a Character/Avatar:

Simply go to the forums and sign up from Step One to Step Three. There, you can sign up to become a Character where you will attend school and try to pass you school years. Afterwards, you can create your own Avatar (or Shoukanjuu) that can fight or do other odd jobs which requires to people.

How to fight using Avatars:

Avatars are usually used to fight other classes or people when challenged. The skills and strength of your Avatar varies with how well you do in school. The higher percentage you get from a test will determine it's health/strength/abilities/etc. Avatars can only be summon on school grounds (unless you were to have a Bracelet) and must be under supervision by a teacher. If you Avatar cannot fight anymore, not only will the temporarily be "shut off" but you will "personally" be escorted to the supplementary lessons by the "Iron Man". There are Four Types of Battling:

1. Capture the Headquarters: There can be up to 4 classes in play (2 being supporting to the other 2) where the classes must fight through the hallways of the school to go to the other classes' classrooms. There, the representative will be waiting (or the representative could be on the battlefield) to be either struck down or defend himself. If the representative lost, you would win (but if YOUR representative lost, you would lose) and thus any wages between the classrooms will be met. [Only has 1 Round]

2. One-on-One: A person can fight alone with another person. Usually this happens when a person is challenged by another. Simple enough. [Has 3 Rounds]

3. Scavenger Hunt: Not much of a fight but you would go around finding a specific item to win. It can be hidden anywhere such as in a locker, behind a cabinet and even in the ground. Very simple but it has a time limit which is set by how many people are in play or by how wide the scavenging area is.

4. Team Deathmatch: A simple battle where everyone tries to eliminate everyone from the other team. It's basically a full out war and whoever is left, wins.

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