X-Men 2011 Anime
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Posted 4/8/11 , edited 4/9/11
Ok so I want to comment on this show. I love Japanese anime and how they see the world through their culture I get a sense of that through their own animation. America has attempted to mimic Japanese animation but without full understanding of it's culture the american versions of japanimation have failed at every turn. Thus we have simply learned to leave it be and stick with what we're good at. Japan has in turn attempted to mimic American comic culture into there anime. They faced the same problems we did, without full understanding of our culture there projects failed. Two examples of that are the japanese versions of Iron Man and Wolverine. The japanese bought the rights from marvel with the understanding that they would loosly modify it from it's orignal forms to better suit their demigraphic. They turned Iron Man into a Mecha Vs. Mecha anime (which is not the comics true intentions) and it failed, canceled after 1 season. They turned Wolverine into a skinny do gooder/samurai type almost completely taking away his badass qualities, and yet it again it failed and was also canceled after 1 season.

I am here to tell you that the Japanese learned from there mistakes and DID NOT GIVE UP! When purchasing the rights to X-Men they actually asked Marvel for help and Marvel did just that. American's and Japanese alike worked together hand and hand on this project and it succeded. They start the anime off in Upstate New York (as it was meant to be) not deviating from the comics original history much at all. Wolverine is a scary looking bulky badass (as he should be) and the entire feel of the show is unlike and Japanime I have seen before. It's like a ramped up version of the original X-Men. After seeing just one episode I can say this show is totally worth watching and is unlike anything I've seen before both from American media and Japanese. i fully recommend this Anime and give Kudo's to Marvel for working with Japan and helping make such a great show.
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