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Posted 4/9/11 , edited 4/9/11
So I'm looking through the comments of episode 24 and found something that really annoyed me : somebody complaining how there was less focus on the war in the anime and more on what the poster ignorantly put as "love wank" ...(and it turns out this person is supposedly female too...I was really surprised at that)

Well, duh. It's a romantic drama/comedy, of course there isn't too much focus on the war and more on "I love kajika!"

Seriously why would anyone watch up to the twenty-fourth episode. then turn around and act like a dumb kid and complain about how there's too much focus on love and not enough on war.

Another thing was about Carl's feelings for Kakjika in a different comment.

Just because we don't see Carl as much as the others (yeah right every guy has had their own featured episode or whatever....) doesn't mean he doesn't really love Kajika....whoever made that comment obviously either totally missed certain things , skimmed right past them or wasn't paying attention ...maybe even all of the above. Carl's love for her is believable to anyone paying attention and whatnot because 1. Kajika is the first woman whose proven that not all women are the same and that a woman can be kind, loving, protective, ect. 2. despite what kajika said to him he thinks that even if he does find somebody nice , for him nobody could ever compare to Kajika

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Posted 5/25/11 , edited 5/25/11
what!! i actually like the fact that they don't focus too much on the war, i meen this is love/ comedy after all...seriously whoever said that shouldnt be watching these type of anime(no offence)red]
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