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Posted 4/11/11 , edited 4/11/11

Well first, I am going to start with wolves. Wolves are nice peaceful creatures, who DON'T attack, only when you bother them, They MIGHT. And whats the point in killing them? What do you get from it? Money! Yeah people who want MONEY. People who are RICH, and SNOBBY. I am poor, and I live off of savings with my family, and I can live WITHOUT that much money. So what if Wolf fur keeps you warm, or it's soft and fluffy and you like it? ITS CALLED GO TO A STORE AND GET FAKE FUR. And if you want to keep warm, GO TO YOUR ROOM AND GET YOUR BLANKET, easy answer. I love animals with ALL my heart, and I don't want to even see a flee rat who lives in dumpsters! I just can't take to watch most things die.

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