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Metroid Other M
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Posted 11/25/12 , edited 11/26/12
It's perfectly logical, and medically proven that the PTSD symptom relapses can and do occur. Did they show her face/reaction in Prime 2/3? No, but in Other M there was fire, lava, and a much darker feel. I'm sure the fire, coupled with ridley closing in on her brought back those thoughts/feeling of her people/parents being destroyed. Seems pretty clear to be the cause.

The Metroid comic has her suffering from PTSD as well, and I find it amusing so many people disliked the game based on their own assumptions.
Posted 12/3/12 , edited 12/3/12
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Posted 12/8/12 , edited 12/8/12
I enjoyed it so far! (Haven't beat it yet.. I'm on that unexpected Ridley battle! :D)
The story of Samus Aran's past made me sad... :/

Eufeion wrote:

I've got a really good youtube guide that shows you where everything is

What is it? GIVE ME!! haha
Posted 1/11/13 , edited 1/13/13
Okay.....What I'm about to say is only based on reviews, playthroughs, and my own personal opinion. I don't mean to insult anyone's opinion of this game; I'm just here to give mine......And I think that Metroid: Other M is a complete waste of the Metroid license.

First, the lesser concerns; the story and characters. Story in video games ARE an important aspect of fiction, but Nintendo has proven time and time again that they can make a compelling adventure without the use of story-telling; and even then, when Nintendo DID have a story in their games.....They were really good. Like.....REALLY good. So what's wrong with the story in Other M? Well, everything, really. After all, the biggest complaints from fans were the various inconsistent plot points, lack of a compelling adventure, and most of all, the butchered back-stories of the beloved characters; Samus in particular. Hell, the story was so bad, Nintendo had to actually REMOVE the Prime trilogy from the timeline.....the only Nintendo timeline that actually had chronology to it!......You've got to be kidding. It doesn't help that the aforementioned Samus has been depraved of her badass reputation in favor a demur, emotionally crippled female character. Thanks Yoshio Sakamoto for ruining your kickass heroine in one fell swoop of a game! Oh, but that's not all; the game is the MOST LINEAR game in the series, bar none! You literally go from place to place,with no exploration at all, removing the atmospheric charm of this adventure game series; the series that practically coined the entire GENRE, WHAT THE HELL?! And finally, the biggest offense this game committed, which not many games hurt the franchise by just existing. Other M didn't sell well, leaving the Metroid series to possibly taking a break, or worse, since we've ended the Metroid timeline, the series just ending...

And on such a sour note...
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Posted 3/2/13 , edited 3/2/13
I hated every part of it.
It's not about Samus' personality, but about her listening to this stupid former captain of hers.
First, Team Ninja fucked up their own brilliant series and now they took a massive dump on the Metroid series.
Oh boy.
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Posted 3/5/13 , edited 3/5/13
I wasn't the biggest fan of Metroid other M. I liked Metroid Prime to an extent but other M was just meh its hard to explain since I'm not a hardcore Metroid fan but it just didn't grip me.
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Posted 10/11/13 , edited 10/11/13
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