Profile deleting by itself?
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Posted 4/11/11 , edited 4/11/11
umm recently my profile deleted itself...i dont expect to get the info i put up to get back but i just wanted to tell you guys so it doesnt happen to anyone else and i wanna know if its just me or other people have come across with this problem
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Posted 4/11/11 , edited 4/12/11
SAME HERE! I went to my profile this morning, and just about everything was erased, even my profile views
Posted 4/12/11 , edited 4/12/11
Thanks for explaining Kippu. The same thing happened to me yesterday.
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Posted 4/13/11 , edited 4/13/11

Kippu wrote:

It's a glitch. Some profile's are returning to normal, others have continued to be missing. The data might not be recoverable, so you guys might have to redo your profile.

My advice, wait another day or two. See if your profile goes back to normal. Don't touch anything yet. If it doesn't go back to normal, get ready to redo your profile all over again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Mine has been returning and disappearing constantly since yesterday. Its really weird and glad I am not the only one. Seriously like it was gone then came back for 5 min and then disappeared again. Do you know if they are going to fix this problem any time soon? Cause its not just personal info data but all the stat numbers disappear, buddies disappear, and my pictures say 0 when they are still there.
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