The Newest Couples (Season 2)
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Posted 4/11/11 , edited 4/12/11
well well well, after the adams couple and goguma couple have left (i still shed a tear every once in a while) there was only the Khuntoria couple left. and as much as i love khuntoria, one couple would have been a little dry for a whole show.

but now there are two new couples on the scene!!!!!
Kim Jang Woo and Eunjung (T-ara)
Park So Hyun and Kim Won Jun

after watching the first episode i am so excited for whats to come

Park So Hyun and Kim Won Jun may be a little old but i think it will be good to have an older couple on after we've already had 3 really young idol couples. plus (after the wedding ceremony that was absolutely adorable) i think the producers are going to return a little to the plot lines and missions (like babysitting etc) from season 1 a little more with this couple. and i'm not the only one that is super mad they ended the episode right before they were suppose to kiss right? cuz i am downright PISSED

Im not the only one who thinks Eunjung looks like Ga-in right? good.
anyways, Jang Woo is sooo manly!! and Eunjung is a girl with a strong personality too. uh-oh this couple worries me O.o but in a good way. cant wait to see where this double type O blood couple will end up!!

what are your thoughts at the newlyweds?
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Posted 4/25/11 , edited 4/25/11
I think his name is Lee Jang Woo, not Kim Jang Woo

Anyway, YESSS!! I am LOVIN' this couple!! It's cute how Jang Woo keeps surprising Eun Jung that he knows how to make this and that lol.

I just finished watching ep3. It's so cute how Jang Woo gets a bit jealous when Eun Jung told him she's going to get marry in her new drama. xD
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