Achievements rewarded multiple times
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Posted 4/11/11 , edited 4/12/11
I have crunchyroll set to my main email and I enjoy the newsletters that I get sent every so often, but getting an email about an achievement that I have earned 10k times over is really annoying. The point of an "Achievement" is to have a set goal completed and having recognition of the goal completion with a badge/points/etc. Repeating the same goal over and over does not feel rewarding in any way, which is why their are alterations to the achievement to increase that depth of the goal, and thus making it more rewarding.

Knowing that I'v gotten the "frequent visitor" (or whatever its called) achievement 10 times means nothing to me compared to if I were to get a similar achievement with a higher said goal, say 100 visits instead of 10 visits required to get the recognition.

I like recognition of an accomplishment but theres no point in even adding them to the crunchyroll service if there are only like 5 to collect (If there are more then that then you must have to do some bizarrely unusual things to get them because I'v watched way too many shows on here to not have earned them by now) and if there arn't any boastfully unique ones such as, say, having watched 500 episodes on crunchyroll.

Go big or go home is my favorite phrase and theres no point in adding a service if there is not any unique or useful features about it.
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Posted 4/13/11 , edited 4/14/11
Apparently, they're set up to reward on a monthly basis.. every month, you can earn the same achievements again.
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Posted 12/26/11 , edited 12/26/11
Agreed. I wish they would do away with the ability to receive the same achievement multiple times.
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