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New Feature: Simulcast Calendar in Ical format?
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Posted 4/12/11 , edited 4/13/11
What I'd like to see is this page be put in an ical format in order to import the calendar into Google calendar so it may sync with my phone so that I can know when episodes are airing. Of course it would work with whichever application that takes ical format people would like to use.

It would be nice if it was taken a step further and you can choose what anime's will go in to the ical by selecting which ones you would like to see, but I'd be happy with just being able to sync the whole calendar with my Google calendar.

What is an Ical?
Ical is short for Icalendar, an iCal feed is a common technique used for sharing calendars among software that supports a standard calendar format. In other words, if Crunchyroll were to make their calendar available in an .ical format you can sync it with your computer and phone so you can know when new episodes are coming out without going to the site.

Do you think it would be useful?
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Posted 4/13/11 , edited 11/21/17
The amount of people with iPhone is so little it is just not worth the time it would take to program or convert such a needless application. Just do as we all do and remember when your shows come out.
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