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Funny things you've heard from your friends/teachers say outloud?

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Posted 8/13/11 , edited 8/13/11
What happened that lead up to this… (Sculpture class, we are all working on human figures, some pieces were going to go into a show next week )

We all look up:
Professor Screams: "What cock… we are working on… Do you mean someone broke off the penis!!??!"
We all run over and see what happened. Someone had broken the penis off of one of the statues in the hall way… and they took it too.
We still don't know who broke and stole the penis. But there is now a lovely painted shell over where it should have been.

I have a pic somewhere if you guys ever want me to up load it.
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Posted 8/13/11 , edited 8/14/11
A student and a teacher got into an argument. And the kid walked out of class, and the room was completely silent. All you heard was from my teacher, "That asscunt can suck my dick."

Funny part, she was a women.

She's now my inspiration.
Posted 8/13/11 , edited 8/14/11
okay so in 11th grade i had a teacher who would always fall asleep in class. so she fell asleep in the middle of giving us a lecture. whenthe bell rang she jumped up yelled "WHO'S THE GREATEST GIVER!!?? lmfao but she got fired
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Posted 8/23/11 , edited 8/24/11
" I'm sorry about the noise guys , but I can't help the builders banging in the corridor, you'd think that they would be more considerate and do it after school"
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Posted 8/24/11 , edited 8/24/11
In my 3rd grade class-

*raise hand*
"Ms. Migely, How you spell dam?"

Ms. Migely:
*looks up at the ceiling*
"Oh umm D - A - M - N.. Oh no! Not that, erase it!"
Posted 8/24/11 , edited 8/24/11
I don't know if this teacher of ours is purposely doing this but it's pretty stupid for a joke. It just becomes funny when we talk about how stupid she says it and why she continuously does it every single time she wants us to listen.
When she wants us to assemble she says:
"Form a circle, make it straight."
When she wants us to turn off the lights:
"Kill the lights, NOW!"
When she wants us to clean the room:
"Broom broom the floor, it's too messy."

Seriously. Although, I probably won't mind if she wasn't an English teacher!
There's a lot of funny things but I can only recall and post the stupidly funny one. Sorry memory.
Posted 8/24/11 , edited 8/24/11
"From now on, your life is going to consist of grabbing a stick and moving your arm back and forth."

Like hell he was talking about string instruments.
Posted 8/24/11 , edited 8/24/11
some person was presenting there work in front of my class and it was all quiet. For some strange reason some kid next to me said "penis" out loud and everyone just laughed out loud except my teacher and the person who was presenting.

another time my friend was trying to say bobby in a french accent, she ended up saying booby.

My teacher said this to my friend "You're an idiot"
yea she was the worst teacher ever :\
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F / Philly
Posted 8/24/11 , edited 8/24/11
Teacher: (frustrated) Stand up if you think you're stupid
(student stands up)
Teacher: So you think you're stupid?
Student: No I just don't want you to be the only one standing up...
Posted 8/24/11 , edited 8/24/11
Well I can't recall the the whole conversation. But during a R.E class we started to mess about because it was the last day before summer holiday and we started to talk about sex and love. Everyone was listening in and started to talk about their experiences and the teacher was just laughing his head off. Then we started to ask him questions and he shares a house with 3 girls and has sex with them regularly... LOL! Just how much does he trust us to say that? But luckily it was his last day at the school because he was leaving.

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Posted 8/24/11 , edited 8/24/11
My political science teacher said to us "SO IM LIKE WHOS YOUR SUGAR DADDY!!"

Then with my friend
me: wooo look the cloud looks like a mountain!
friend: that is a mountain
me: ooohh
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20 / Indiana
Posted 8/24/11 , edited 8/25/11
my one teacher said we were gonna have a 'testy' instead of a quizzy-poo' yeah our tests have weird names
Posted 11/9/11 , edited 11/9/11
one of my friends said this: "I've wanted to commit suicide so many times but I haven't done it yet"

I look at her with a "duh...ya think?" kind of expression.


Posted 11/9/11 , edited 11/9/11
" im a rainbow teacher "
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Posted 11/9/11 , edited 11/9/11
omg... xD so many TWSS moments in class...
"I'm getting uglier!!"~Math teacher. she was trying to say "it's getting uglier" and "I'm getting more agitated" but ended up mixing it together.
"I wanna ride you like my sun chariot." ~lol i forgot who.
"I thought I said TWO GOOD SCREWS" ~Science. looking for good screws.... xD
"Let's just wiggle it up here.... I need a little more space..." ~Science AGAIN
"Okay so everyone... 69 and ready GO" ~Band. Bar #69 count off.
"If anyone's face comes in contact with someone else's stick, it'll hurt, k? so don't lift your stick up." ~PE. hockey.
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