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Create a character before roleplaying.
Try to keep everything at a maximum rating of T, especially sexual content.
• Do not god- or power-mod (that is, do not control others' characters without their permission, and do not do anything out of your character's power), unless it is normal for your character. Example: America can lift a truck, but North Italy is too weak to pick up a large weight.
• Respect your fellow RPers - if you hate them, avoid them. Don't do anything that might make others uncomfortable without asking first.
• No spamming - don't write long, unrelated OOC notes without RPing at the same time. For that, you can easily go to the chat forum.
• This is a semi-literate RP group, which basically means no chat speak or emotes in your RP. Anything goes in your OOC notes, however, as well as non-roleplay forums and in the Guestbook.

♥Create A Character♥

Join as a canon character or create your own here by reading the requirements and filling out the correct form.
• If applying for a canon character, please check the first post to see if the character you're applying for is taken or not.
• Keep in mind that characters with asterisks* next to the RPer's username can still be claimed as main characters.
• If you are applying for more than one character, please pick a main and the others will all have asterisks* next to your name on the roster. Please remember that secondary characters can be claimed by someone else and please don't get angry if they are.


Once your character has been approved, feel free to roleplay anywhere you like! Please remember to include the name of the character you are RPing as at the top of your post.

You can roleplay at locations such as:

The World Summit Meeting Room
The Mediterranean
The Nyotalia Board

and basically any forum with [RP] in the name. If a board says [Special RP] then it has it's own special rules, which are in the first post. In regards to home boards such as the Germanic Houses and the Americas, where certain nations live, all of the nations living there - and only the nations living there - are pictured in the first post to avoid the necessity of having to name them all. As OCs are created, more pictures will be added.


Visit the front page to see if any events are coming up or are going on.


Scattered through the forum are games designed for CR forums. The rules for each game are in the first post.

Name a Country

We also have a special message cork-board activity here, so please read the rules if you want to participate! (And don't forget, it's also an RP board!)

♥Chat and Relax♥

Talk to fellow Hetalia fans over at Chatting to Chat for all your fan and unrelated needs.


Just post in this forum or PM a moderator if you have any questions. If you do post here, please quote the first post or a mod so that your question may be noticed more quickly.

Also, everybody is free to PM a moderator with suggestions for absolutely anything- better pictures for the RP boards, cool new RP boards, adding something to the rules board, banner or art contribution, we're always looking to improve, so don't be shy!

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