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Posted 4/12/11 , edited 7/29/11

If the page is not open in full view, go into full view or click on the corkboard to see it better. If you can only see part of the corkboard, refresh the page.

Cork Board Rules

• if you want to put something on the cork board, please fill out the form below and PM Lemmingbee with it
• you may choose your font (unless it has already been chosen; a list of nations who have prechosen fonts is at the bottom of this post) and post-it/paper type or you can let me choose it for you. No hard-to-read fonts such as calligraphy, please, and all the paper options are the ones already on the board, as well as customized ones if you provide an overlay picture (for example, America's post-it with the American flag was easily created using a normal post-it and a picture of the American flag)
• no cork board posts will be signed other than 'official memos' (such as Germany's) that pass mod approval - feel free to ask to put one up
• all cork board posts should be in-character
• though Germany has given up on ripping down all the post-its (they just appear there again in five or so minutes, he has no idea how), he does take down the old ones after the board gets pretty full, so don't be upset if the board gets crowded and yours gets taken down
• due to unfortunate circumstances, the board cannot be updated at all every other week, but on the weeks it can be updated, I try to do so as often as possible


Character Name:
Paper Type: [optional]

Nations With Designated Fonts:
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Posted 7/16/11 , edited 7/29/11
Suggestion Box

In what may have not been the wisest move ever made, France and Romano have been chosen to take care of the suggestion box.

Well, France volunteered, and Romano wasn't at the meeting, so the responsibility was dumped on him, but, nevertheless.

If you would like to suggest something for the group (anything from a new forum board to music to whatever you like; don't be shy!), please drop a note in the suggestion box by PMing France (hyuuganeji11) and Romano (Lemmingbee). They'll take care of it.

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