Who can really beat naruto?
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Posted 4/13/11 , edited 4/13/11
Now we have seen naruto get a bit restless, It wont be long until he will be in the war. Who out there can even stand close to him now? Will tsunade die? DO you think NAruto will be next hokage then? What about a nine tails sage mode? Your opinions below
Posted 4/13/11 , edited 4/13/11
Well I think no one can beat Naruto cause he is the star, Tsunade will die (hopefully) , Naruto will be the youngest Hokage and nine tails sage mode will be godlike.
I also would like to add some extra stuff, I think the Jyuubi will be awakened and Naruto and Sasuke ( sasuke teams with naruto due to madara lying to him) will end up teaming up they both want to stop Madara, Sasuke will die and Naruto will be all like " ARGH I will never forgive you you killed my friend" and kill the Jyuubi and Madara with a magic boost of badasness the end of the anime and manga just my opinion XD
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