Favorite wimpy Bug Pokemon?

Posted 4/15/11 , edited 4/15/11
Which u most like? and why?
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25 / M / Hoenn
Posted 6/13/11 , edited 6/13/11
weedle because i think beedrill is awesome
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21 / With Le~ S-Club
Posted 6/15/11 , edited 6/16/11
I gotta agree with Raizen.

The funny part about Beedrill though is that it can get hurt with Earthquake.
Posted 6/17/11 , edited 6/17/11
i think,that caterpie is most cute,but i vote for wurmple.i was always catch a lot,to make sure to get both of them evolution.it is super that i can get two pokemon from one... ^^
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