Impressions on Dororon Enma-kun
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Posted 4/15/11 , edited 4/16/11
Ok at first I thought this show was going to be retarded or something.....but it wasnt that bad.

For one thing...I guess you could call it an anime you would probably be watching if you were a tad bit younger or something....but for some reason I thought it perked my interest enough for me to wonder if this show will be decent or something bad.....I dont really know.

Anyway, heres the Synopsis for the Comedy/Fantasy anime

Enma, Yukiko-Hime and Kapaeru are part of the Yokai-Patrol. They go after ghosts that have escaped from Hell into the human world

Ok, while making this thread, I read up about it on Wikipedia. And apparently this was a manga from like 1970's or something....then got made into an anime during the 70s.....then a bunch of remakes we made....and now its a TV anime guess that explains why I felt like I wasnt watching something that was made recently or something.

Dororon Enma-kun (ドロロンえん魔くん Dororon Enma-kun?), also known as Satanikus!, is a Japanese horror-comedy anime and manga series created by Go Nagai. It's one of Nagai's most famous works in Japan, although not very well known in the rest of the world. In 2006, it would get a sequel/remake in Demon Prince Enma, which drops the comedy and becomes a full-fledged suspense-horror series. After the OVA was released, another manga version was released called Satanikus ENMA Kerberos by Eiji Toriyama. A remake entitled Dororon Enma-kun MeeraMera began airing in Japan in April 2011.

Scheduled for 12 episodes.....I guess Ill watch this when every other anime I watch this season comes out or something.

Anyway, you know the drill. Blah, blah and blah some more.
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38 / M / Small Wooded town...
Posted 4/15/11 , edited 4/16/11
'I found it watchable.' Ice princes needs to learn to keep her clothing on.
Their where to clips right out of a monster hentai.. that was pretty darn funny in the last episode.
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Posted 4/15/11 , edited 4/16/11
Go Nagai has quite a reputation. It's been said that his series made fanservice in manga and anime common, and relatively acceptable. His series tend to be either really bleak and disturbing (such as Devilman, Mazinger Z, and Violence Jack), or much more sexual than what was common at the time (such as Cutey Honey and Harenchi Gakuen).
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Posted 4/16/11 , edited 4/16/11
honestly my first reaction to this show was

"...and that's how we did it old school."

It feels like a much older series.

I got a good kick out of it and I'm looking forward to seeing more.
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