Anyone else notice the kpop boys getting younger and younger?
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Posted 4/15/11 , edited 4/16/11
Is it just me? or are Kpop boys debuting younger and younger nowadays?
I mean back in the days it was like 18-21 ish you debuted and now ... well look at teen top for christ sake! not a single one of them hits 20!
and even if the ages are that different in some cases. I also noticed that the Kpop guys are getting progressively smaller.... literally.
Past kpop boy bands: DBSK
Big Bang
Super Junior
even Shinee

Suju and SHINee might be the slight exception but otherwise, everyone in the rest of these groups are, well relatively large, tall, and/or muscular

Whereas new groups like Teen Top, Infinite (with some exception), D-NA/ the boss, U-kiss are all to some extent much smaller in size, skinnier by muscle, younger by age, and more feminine. its not even about their personality its more that they actually look like a really pretty girl rather than a really hot man. I can even see it in some of the dancing, music videos, and their new excessive eyeliner. I think most of the new groups are like that with the exception of ZE:A who are too large to generalize and debuted when most of the group was relatively older.

it leads me to think "how young can they get? is there a boundary?" it also leads me to feel that the Kpop route is taking a detour down jpop lane, which worries me. Sorry for Jpop fans but i feel that other than 2 or 3 exceptions, most japanese male celebrities tend to be extremely skinny and kind of girly. and i liked the muscle a lot.

but the funny think is that these new kids are starting out much differently than their seniors. regardless of when they came out, DBSK, Super Junior, Shinee, and SS501 all went through the beginning phase of having the play the sweet inocent little boys. Whereas these new kids are jumping into the harder dancing and MV stuff.

not to mention with the appearance of these new groups comes the competition for the big three, SM, JYP, and YG. many of the most popular new groups are from companies i've never heard of in my life. which leads me to believe that the reigning years of the big three are coming to an end.

did you hear? SME is coming out with a new group (temporarily dubbed M1) and i'm concerned about whether SME will follow in the steps of the other new groups with very young skinny boys or try and go for a more mature appearance. I think this new group will decide the path of which Kpop will take when it comes to new boy bands. Hopefully for the groups that have already fallen into the skinny boy trap will put on some weight and pull out of there.
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Posted 4/15/11 , edited 4/16/11
It seems younger people seem to appeal to he younger generation. Would you rather see a to-old-for-you 30 year old or a hot young 18 - 20 year old?
Posted 4/15/11 , edited 4/16/11
I didn't notice either, so it's okay.
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Posted 4/17/11 , edited 4/17/11
all these new groups are poppin out young & fresh. must i say teen top over and over again? yeah, it's scary. i agree. i think it's also because the standard of kpop groups nowadays in korea are much higher than they were in the past. with the exception of tvxq, most of the new groups are more trained (thus surpassing in talent) in comparison to older kpop groups. they are also starting the kids out young so they can gain top spot asap.
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