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Fighting "Dirty"
Posted 9/4/11 , edited 9/4/11

Inu-kage wrote:

I like don't fighting with fists....I like fighting with words. Emotional and Verbal pain is much more harder to get rid of then any physical pain ever known to man. You can scar a person so bad that they even consider suicide if you play your cards right but if you hit someone, you only light the spark to one's fighting instincts. Fighting with words may cause scenes, but you never see police pulling people apart for talking badly to one another.

What I consider dirty fighting is not with fists. a good example I guess would be like when I had my debate for the legalization of medicinal weed. I started thinking about my Dad and well my eyes started to tear up so bad and I cried right in front of my entire class. They were all yelling at my opponent saying how he already lost.

I was so ashamed after class that even though everyone clapped for me and when the bell rang my teacher pulled me to the side and I apologized for making a fool of myself..... but he said:

"Rin, you did a good job up there. Visual appeal is a great way to make people listen and really hear what you have to say!"

Visual appeal?! Yeah right.......I played dirty.

Haha, Nice ;D Lol But yeah, I agree with you too. Words can hurt xD Lol
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Posted 9/4/11 , edited 9/4/11
i never start a dirty fight...but if someone called out for me in one then i will and cry
Posted 9/4/11 , edited 9/4/11
You'll win a lot more fights if you choose to use cheap moves and tactics. Choosing honor before reason? Enjoy eating dirt and being miserable. Or in worst cases, enjoy being dead.

If you can't protect yourself, don't even fight. If you know someone is bringing a knife to a fist fight, bring a fully loaded gun. The only way to win a real fight is to be serious about winning. Jalf-assing because of honor is bullshit, and I hope anyone that goes in thinking honor is going to protect them gets a bullet between the eyes.

You fighting fair doesn't mean the other side will. Projecting, thinking the other side is going to adhere to your rules and regulations make you naive. And slates you for some serious wake-up calling.
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