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Posted 5/18/11 , edited 5/18/11
Username: marshmellowsnail
Character Name: Aika Fujioka
Age: 14
Grade: 9
Bio/Personality: Aika is a hyper girl who is often seen as "immature" to others. However, that's not what she's like at all. She acts hyper because she has always wanted to be more outgoing. She also wants to be calm and mature. The true Aika is shy and nervous around strangers or people she doesn't know well. She loves drama and is an actress.
How You Got Your Chara?: One day, she was performing a school play, and as she saw the huge crowd, her true self came out and she forgot her lines. She then ran crying off the stage. Then her charas were born.
Picture: (can I just put the description?) Aika has dark brown eves, light brown hair tied in a ponytail and dimples.
Chara(s) Name: Kina, Kira and Karu
Chara's Personality: Kina: Shy and akward around strangers. Kira is insensitive to this and often puts Kina under the spotlight while Karu is her close friend. Kina loves gardening.
Kira: Kira is outgoing, friendly and hyper. She always tries to be nice but can be insensitive at times. Very friendly. Loves Drama.
Karu: Very sweet, kind, calm and mature. A peacemaker. Also friendly. Very polite. Loves music.
Moves: Kina (Honey Bee): Beautiful flower! (X egg cleanser), Prickly weeds! (attack), Gardening trowel! (attack)
Kira (Drama queen): Last act! (X egg cleanser) Dramatic mask! (attack) Bad performance! (attack)
Karu: (Forte soul): Calming song! (X egg cleanser) Dancing girls! (attack) Wrong note! (attack)
Character Transformation: Honey bee (Kina), Drama queen (Kira) Forte soul (Karu)
Chara's Picture: (description again) Kina: White overall dress, yellow and black striped shirt under, orange gumboots, straw hat with yellow flowers, long curly blonde hair, freckles, green eyes.
Kira: Purple shirt with black top under, black jeans and black and gold belt, black boots, Long brown hair, purple hat, brown eyes.
Karu: Pink top and pink skirt, pink high-heels, brown hair in high ponytail, black leggings, blue eyes

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luz123anime wrote:


Character Name:
How You Got Your Chara?:
Chara(s) Name:
Chara's Personality:
Character Transformation:
Chara's Picture:

Character Name:Tia
Bio/Personality:Clam coleted
How You Got Your Chara?:She wanted to be better at what she loves.

Chara(s) Name:Scarlet
Chara's Personality:Reble,fighter
Moves:Scarlate slice
Character Transformation:

Chara's Picture:

Chara(s) Name:Sappfire
Chara's Personality:Brave and bold
Moves:Captin cartweal
Character Transformation:

Chara's Picture:

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