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21 / F / Somewhere ...
Posted 4/17/11 , edited 4/30/11


usually, we vote for Trump Cards, but since its a new group, its first come, first serve


Character Name:
Trump Card [ queen/joker/ect ]:
Why should it be you ?:
You active ?:
Invite friends ?:
Add Pictures ?:
Supported group in your profile ?:
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21 / F / My house
Posted 4/18/11 , edited 4/18/11
Character Name: Neko Higurashi
Trump Card [ queen/joker/ect ]: ace
Why should it be you ?: because i am in love with shugo chara! and im now starting to be active
You active ?: yes starting today!
Invite friends ?: yes
Add picture?: yes
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22 / F
Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/20/11
Character Name: Ichirou Hirosaki
Trump Card [ queen/joker/ect ]: Jack
Why should it be you ?: I love all the jacks that shugo chara has (Kairi the most xD) and I am very active and rp a lot.
You active ?: Yep
Invite friends ?: Yep
Add Pictures ?: 8 to be exact
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Posted 4/20/11 , edited 4/20/11
Character Name: Rina Chibia
Trump Card: [ queen/joker/ect ] Joker
Why should it be you? I Love Amu nd i quess i just wanted 2 be like her nd become a Joker.
You active?: YUP
Invite friends?: Yup
Add pictures?: yup like 13 :p

Posted 4/26/11 , edited 4/27/11
Character Name: Raze
Trump Card [ queen/joker/ect ]: King
Why should it be you ?: I'm always active. Plus I've never had this position before.
You active ?: yes
Invite friends ?:yes
Add Pictures ?:yes
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