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Promise Me
Promise me that everything
It’ll be alright.
We’ll be just fine, yeah.
-That I wouldn’t just be another passer-by… again.

Can you believe?
This world… It’s falling down?
And the cries of the fragments of the heart
It seems I’m the only one who can hear them.

I remember you used to always be up late at night
Typing fast and calm;
we’d always have a conversation
At least once. Or twice

Promise me
No matter what they do
No matter how much they try to
You’ll always be there by my side.

I remember now
You called
And our conversation yesterday
Seems like you were---

Promise me.
Although we might be in two now
We’ll go back being the same.

I say I’d never lose hope
To myself.
But My Tears Keep Falling.
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Aww.... That was...really touching. ;o;
Posted 4/29/11 , edited 4/29/11

kimmie38 wrote:

Aww.... That was...really touching. ;o;

awww >< YOu'RE SO DAMN SWEEETTT :))) xx
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