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A World With No Boundaries
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26 / F / Caught in the mid...
Posted 5/30/11 , edited 5/31/11
User Name:SuperNaturalSammy
Character Name:Lucy
Prophet, Entity, or Third Party:Third Party
Bio/History:Lucy grew up in a normal family,the whole family hated people that had abilities or that were different. To her family she was the perfect daughter kind,clever,and fun to be around until her power formed. One night at a family dinner she had a vision about her older cousin dying in a factory accident. She tried to warn him while he was in the house but he walked out telling her not to worry. The next day around the same time they got a call from the factory tell them that he had died the way Lucy described.
Her parents were shocked and scared they forced her to leave they're house. Hurt and alone she went to live on the streets.
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