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Turn On
Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/19/11
I figured since there's a thread about turn offs, there might as well be one about turn ons.

I searched the first few pages and didn't find a similar one, but obviously lock it if it's a duplicate.

Keep it PG/PG-13, please.
Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/19/11
A nice butt.
Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/19/11
Something that turns me on is men in suits; they are so handsome in suits!
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28 / M / USA
Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/19/11
i would have to say, blue eyes, black hair, shortern than me(not a hard to to fill im 6'2") and she would have to be into anime and manga, non-religous, a cute personality, a bit goofy and a touch shy independant but loves to be babied
Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/20/11
A love of learning
A love of music/arts
An interest in foreign languages
An interest in anime/manga is a plus

Tattoos, piercings, and body art / modification
On guys - dark hair, on girls - wild color hair or black
Green, blue, gray, or other non-brown eyes (my eyes are brown, I'm not hating on 'em)
Slim and toned build
Pale Skin
Accents or a different way of speaking
A non-smoker
Limited or no sexual history
Healthy, takes care of his/her-self, perhaps even enjoys some physical activities
Suits, really good cosplay, maid outfits, school uniforms

Being dominated
Not really sure, the rest is for me and that special someone to figure out
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32 / M / New York City
Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/19/11
gotta have a sense of humor <--- this is prob the one I like the most
Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/19/11
Tough Girls/Tomboys.

Girls who have the potential or can kick my ass.

Visible muscles on a girl...

That's all for the physical part.

As for personalty, if she can talk to me about martial arts/fighting and knows what she is talking about... Win. And if she prefers to say home and watch tv versus going out and partying it up... Epic-Win. And if she play fights/wrestles me instead of tugging on my arm and pouting,,, Well I don't know what's higher Than Epic Win... Bear Calvary?
Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/19/11
Guys with glasses and braces, intelligence and a feeling of authority. Ahhh >//<
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22 / F / ☻☺
Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/19/11
Same as someone on top: sense of humor.
- Someone who wont get pissed all day for a small prank I made on him n_n
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Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/19/11
Nicely groomed who smells delicious
Nice collarbones (idk but i totally have a thing for collarbones)
Adams apple ( once again..i have weird turn ons..if i see a guy with a nice protruding adams apple Ill ask to touch it and I go all perverted on the way it feels...if it feels good ;D)

tall peeps r nice
I like my men lanky for some reason...not too muscly but toned
Fun (ny)
Nice hair
Etc. Aint gonna go into full detail...-cough- since its pg haha

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26 / F / Tampa, FL
Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/19/11
Taller than me (I'm only 5"4...not hard), I tend to go for dark hair, tan skin also.

Aside from appearance, a guy who's intelligent and wants to go far in life is a turn on.

Oh, and I'd like a guy who can make me laugh. Really, I'm sick of awkward, boring conversations with guys who lack a sense of humor.
Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/19/11
Bondage. Eyepatches involved since I like to fantasize how the other side is viewing it with a blindspot. Even when bondage is excluded, I like eyepatches because they have a sense of 'vulnerability' to that person. It makes me like it.

I also like nipple and belly piercings, just because tugging on them would be potential foreplay. The pleasure I get out of these piercings are proportionate to how small the girls bust is. I'm less liable to really like nipple piercings on a voluptuous woman because I don't want to tear or really hurt them. Those with smaller chest though can still feel the pain, but it is far easier to see me being fine with the limitations.

No, I'm a sado-masochist. Heh.
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M / Just hit me up
Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/19/11
Interesting to have a conversation with, outgoing, well spoken and other physical atributes :O
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26 / M / Latvia
Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/19/11
A girl with emo/goth/scene fashion style
A lot of piercings
Ear tunnels
Colored hair
Alternative stuff like that
Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/19/11
Physical: Slender, dark or blonde hair. Don't care too much about the rest I'm not picky.

Someone who is smart, patient, who has different interests yet shares the same view on things (otherwise life would get boring) though being an anime fan would be a plus. I love tomboys, and someone who likes cats (and hating on dogs is a plus)
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