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[Old] Roleplay One

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Posted 4/30/11 , edited 5/1/11
Sakura: Crud, lets hurry!
Aruto and Akaru: *Fly inside the classroom*
Sakura: *Makes it inside classroom just in time* Phew!
Teacher: You and Rina are lucky. Sit down please.
Sakura: Okay. Sorry, miss. *Sakura walks over and sits down in her seat*
Posted 5/1/11 , edited 5/1/11
(So, since they just met but are in the same class, does this make it their first day? I think that would make the most sense, so I'm going to roleplay as if it is their first day. Okay? ^-^)
Kami stares at the clock, and tries to go back to sleep.
"You're going to have to go. You aren't going to make a very good impression if you skip the first day." Kurai lectured.
Kami sighed, and sat up. Then, after a few minutes, got dressed and packed her schoolbag.
"Come on, hurry up! No skipping first period. It's already 8:45." Kurai scolded. "Don't make me control you."
"Fine whatever. Chara change please."
Kurai performed the character change, and a purple mage hat appeared on Kami's head.
"Xemthys Signore, convocare il vostro potere. Volare.", Kami said in a monotonous, reluctant tone. Purple wings grew out of her back. She flapped them, and flew to school. Then she yawned, retracted her wings and undid her chara change, and sauntered to her locker. She put away her schoolbag, took out the books she needed for her first class (even though she pretty much missed all of it by this point) and sleepily went inside. Once inside, she took a quick peek at her watch. It was 9:10.
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Posted 5/1/11 , edited 5/1/11
Sakura: *Looks up from her daydreaming* Wow, that person's really late...
Aruto: They're gonna be in trouble!
Akaru: Huh? *Looks up from book* What?
Teacher: Why are you so late?! First period is almost over!
Sakura: *Whispers to chara's* Hmmm...there's something about that girl...
Aruto: Yeah. She has a chara, Sakura.
Sakura: WHAT!?
Everyone else: *Looks at Sakura*
Sakura: Sorry.
Everyone else: *Looks away again*
Sakura: What? But that's the second person we've met with one, in two days...I've never met another person with one before now...
Akaru: Yeah, it sure is odd.
Aruto: Hmmm...I wonder...
Aruto and Akaru: *Look at each other* Sakura...we' right back! *Fly out of the classroom*
Sakura: *Thinking* I wonder what that was about. *Looks back at the girl standing at front of class* Anyway, I wonder WHY this girl is so late...
Posted 5/1/11 , edited 5/1/11
Aika: *enters the classroom.* I'm so sorry, Sensei!!!
Teacher:Two late! And on the first day! This is ridiculous, Fujioka-san.
Aika: Sorry.....
Teacher: Just sit down
Aika: *sits down next to Sakura*
Teacher: Now today we will be talking about....bla bla bla
Kina: Oh Aika!!!!!! We're so late!!!!! Everyone is staring!!!!!!!!!!!
Aika: Kina!
Kira: Lighten up Kina.
Karu: Look at that girl! She has shugo charas!
Aika *looks at Sakura* She does!!!
Kira: So does that other girl who was late!
Aika: *looks at Kami* This is weird!!!!!!!!! This class has like *counts* 6 shugo charas!
Kina: Oh no!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 5/1/11 , edited 5/2/11
Rina: *stares out at the window*
Michiru: Rina isnt that the girl we saved the other day!?
Rina: Hm? Oh yeah it is!!Kami!!! *waves hand*
Michiru: Wow i guess were lucky to know 2 people already for the 1st day of school!
Rina: Yup it is
Rei: * in her egg sleeping*
Posted 5/1/11 , edited 5/2/11
Kami sat down and immediately fell asleep.
Kurai actually bothered to try and learn something, but soon got bored from the class being stupidly easy to her, and her eyes began wandering around the room. She was shocked to notice how many of her kind were in the classroom and could see her. She hid in Kami's desk.
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Posted 5/1/11 , edited 5/2/11
Aruto and Akaru: *Had come back a few minutes earlier* Sorry, we're back now.
Sakura: *Whispering* And just where did you go to?
Aruto: We'll tell you after class...
Akaru: Seems fair enough to me
Sakura: Jeez, you guys...I never thought you'd keep secrets from me...
Aruto: Um, well, about that...
Sakura: Don't worry, I was just kidding. More importantly, the two people who were late...
Aruto: We know...There are so many charas here...The girl sitting next to you has THREE of them
Sakura: Yeah, and Rina has two...and that other girl...she has one too...
Akaru: That's SIX not including us...
Sakura: What a coincidence...we're all in the same class...
Aruto and Akaru: *Look at each other* Um...
Aruto: Yeah, coincidence, that must be it.
Akaru:'re more of a hindrance than a help...
Sakura:...Do you two know something about this 'coincidence'...?
Aruto: Um, no of course not...whatever made you think that?...We'll just...I'm very tired, so excuse me...*Goes into school bag and 'sleeps' in egg*
Sakura: Akaru...
Akaru: I'm sorry, but I have some reading to do...*Goes into school bag as well, and reads in egg*
Sakura: *Shakes head* You guys... *Thinking* Maybe I should say hi to the girl next to me... *Leans over a bit* *Whispers* Hi, my name is Sakura, what's yours?

((Hmmm...why don't we make it, Aika is sitting on my left (Against the wall), Rina is sitting behind Aika (Also against the wall) and Kami is sitting infront of me...that way, we can talk easier =D))
Posted 5/1/11 , edited 5/2/11
Aika: Hey I'm Aika. You have shugo charas????
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Posted 5/1/11 , edited 5/2/11
Sakura: Yeah, I do. I have two of them Aruto and Akaru. However, at the moment...*Looks pointedly at bag* *Looks back at Aika* Anyway, you really have three charas?
Posted 5/2/11 , edited 5/2/11
Aika: Yeah! This is Kina, Karu and Kira.
Kira: Hi!
Karu: Pleasure to meet you! *smiles*
Kina: *blushes* H-hello
Aika and Kira: Pleased to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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Posted 5/2/11 , edited 5/2/11
Sakura: *Blushes a bit* *Smiles* It's lovely to meet you too. *Looks down at bag again* *Whispers* You girls should have more manners than that. Come out and say hi.
Aruto and Akaru: *Look at each other* *Flies out of bag*
Aruto: I'm Aruto, one of Sakura's shugo chara's. It's very nice to meet all of you *Smiles sweetly*
Akaru: Hi, I'm Akaru, Sakura's second shugo chara. Pleasure to make your acquaintances. *Smiles*
Aruto and Akaru: *Gasp*
Aruto: I just got a very bad feeling...
Akaru: Me too...
Sakura: It can't x-egg?
Aruto: Seems like it...
Sakura: Well, let's go then. *Turns to Aika* Sorry Aika, I need to go. *Puts hand up*
Teacher: Yes, Sakura?
Sakura: May I please be excused? I need to go to the bathroom.
Teacher: Of course.
Sakura: Thank you, miss. *Runs out of classroom* *Looks at charas* Which way?
Aruto and Akaru: *Point towards sport fields*
Posted 5/2/11 , edited 5/2/11
Aika: .........
Kira: An X egg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no!!!!!!!!
Aika: What's an X egg??
Kira: No idea. It just sounded dramatic...
Karu: I have a feeling though....
Kina: A bad feeling....
Kira: Let's go, Aika-chan!!!!!
Aika: Wha...
Kira: Lights, camera, action! From a girl who can't act to one who can, Chara change!!!!
Aika/Kira: Sensei!!!!!!
Teacher: Please don't disrupt the lesson, Fujioka-san
Aika/Kira: Oh but sensei! I have a cold sir!!!! *cough cough* May I please go to the office???
Teacher: Well... Rina-san! Go with her!!!!!!!!
Aika/Kira: What!!!!!!!! *cough cough*
Teacher: If you're really that sick, you should be escorted to the office.
Aika: Kira!!!!!!
Kira: Oops...
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Posted 5/2/11 , edited 5/2/11
Sakura: Alright! *Goes into deserted corridor* Let's go Aruto! My heart, UNLOCK!
Sakura and Aruto: Character Transformation: Singing Beauty!
Sakura: Alright! After that x-egg!
Posted 5/2/11 , edited 5/2/11
Aika/Kira: Er... I'm all better! But I have to go to the bathroom! Sorry! *runs out.*

Aika: So where's this bad feeling coming from??
Karu: Round here
All: *come to X egg and Sakura*
Aika: Kira! My heart, Unlock!
Aika and Kira: Character Transformation: Drama heart!
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Posted 5/2/11 , edited 5/2/11
Ichirou X-egg
The idiot is right, its nearby
Ichirou just leaves the classroom, no explaination for the teacher
Tachi, Ore no Kokoro, Unlock, Chara Nari: Rebirth Samurai. Let's go
he pulls out a katana and runs after it
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