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Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/28/11

General Rules
1. Swearing is allow, just don't go over board with it, and no C word, hate that word >.<
2. Please respect everyone, I see anyone being a little shit and I'll hurt you badly!
3. Mods and I have the finally say, don't argue back or you will be gone.
4. NO GOD MODDING!! It annoys people when you do and it pisses me off aswell!

About Elements
Anything can be elements, example iron, metal, ice, shadows, wood and it keeps going. But to every element there MUST be a weakness. Like iron and metal can rust against water, while wood is effective against water. It's different with each Element, which when your filling out your form, think of the weakness for the element. Don't make it impossible for your element the strongest out there... Even with Punishers they have an Element Weakness. If you dont come with up one or not a reasonable weakness, I will come up with one for you.

Character Rules
......You can have more then one character, and can be on either sides, limit is 4 characters.
...... Punisher's souls are both Yin and Yang.
......Punishers have 4 max spells with main element and 3 max spells with sub element.
......Yang's spells, 3 max with main element, 2 max with sub element.
......Yin's spells, 2 max with Main element, 3 max with sub element.
.....Yin's combat magic is long distance magic.
.....Yang's combat magic is long and short magic.

Spiritual Bonding
......Bonding with someone from the other side is forgiven, you can choose to bond with them, just you will be Exiled from your sides.
......Bonding doesn't have to be female and male, it can happen between two males or two females.. It can be lovers, best friends, siblings, etc.
......Punishers don't have to have a partner, they can still do the bonding.
......You can only have one partner!
...... If you dont like your partner anymore, you can split from them, but that puts you in a "coma" for a day, while your ex partner will be weak for a day.
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