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Posted 6/19/11 , edited 6/19/11
Creator: Lilysings

Name:Malina Nomia


Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil):Good all the way

Sex: Female

Height: Five feet and five inches


Weight: 100

Eyes: the are brown but when she is mad it turns black or red[red is more badass then the black eyes]



Clothing:check the picture

Special Abilities:Stealth,sneak attack,deadly throw,pick locks and fan of knives

Weaknesses:really really cute things >w< and her best friends

Weapons:Four daggers and some posine and a sword

Likes:Her best friends

Dislikes:mean people [Malina:pshhh who wouldnt dislike them (>O3O)>]

Good Qualities: She is always nice to people, she dosnt really care how you act or who you are, she just like the way they are. Her pet says she is an angel [Maline:Pshhh no i am not!]

Bad Qualities:she likes to be funny but it usualy fails unless she is bored, she gets bored easily and when she is mad you should hide [Maline:ok thats true]




BIO : She is a normal girl that lives a normal life, ok not really. When Malina was just a young child, she was raped by her own fauther. She was barley even five years old. So as she grew older and older, she started to not be loved by her own familey, so when she was ten she decided to run away from her familey because they never even loved her. After planning for weeks and days, also months she finnaly ran away, leaving no trace behind her. When she was twelve, she was walking threw the frozen icy mountains when she met her companion/pet. She was about to die from the freezing cold when he came and saved her from the frozen cold. Even though her pet is a shapeshifter. She dosnt really care.Now being older and stronger,she travels the world, killing people like her fauther.

Character's Theme Song (Optional):
(>O3O)> i love you guys, i always lvoe this option!

Image Details:

Name:Kensi Nomia




Height:6 feet tall

Weight:250 [he has manly muscles]

Weapons/Abilities:two great axes and his paws

Qualities:He is a kind man willing to help anyone

Bad qualities: He is to over protected of Maline, because he has a crush on her. [Kesni: Not true!!]


Dislikes:anything green [but grass and trees! he means food]
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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 7/29/11 , edited 7/29/11
Image details:

Creator: syphl

Name: Dr Theophilius Rex, ( Dr. T.Rex for short)

Race: ambiguous....(he has experimented on himself so much, he is no longer human)

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): varies

Sex: male

Height: 6'4

Age: looks early thirties

Weight: thin

Eyes: silver

Hair: whitish gray

Skin: pale and sickly looking

Clothing: jeans and a t shirt under his lab coat

Special Abilities: super genius, surgeon, researcher, experimenter

Weaknesses: He needs a special potion he needs to regularly drink

Weapons: his experimented body

Likes: experimenting, researching, studying

Dislikes: people getting in his way

Good Qualities: once he decides to do something, he gets it done, super genius,

Bad Qualities: eccentric, autistic, cruel

Job: scientist

Family: none

Goals: he has many goals

T.Rex is an odd person; he lives only to satisfy his curiosity. His past is irrelevant to him, his future only matters as far as he envisions it.
His goals change everyday taking him where his research leads him.

Character's Theme Song (Optional):

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Posted 7/31/11 , edited 8/1/11
Working on it.

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23 / F / In the world of m...
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11

Creator: Kali-Yu
Name: Wyatt Zauber
Race: Human
Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): has none
Sex: Male
Height: 160 cm
Age: 15
Weight: Light
Hair: White with black tips
Clothing: As in pic
Special Abilities: magical powers
Weaknesses: Mortaliy
Weapons: Dagger
Likes: researching, doing some magical stuff, experimenting
Dislikes: people interfering in his research, people making fun of him and his sensei
Good Qualities: faithful, eager to learn new things, nice (only to people he likes)
Bad Qualities: clumsy
Job: T-Rex sensei´s Assistant
Family: None
Goals: Helping Dr. T-Rex with his experiments using all methods possible (even immoral ones)

Wyatt was an orphan till Dr. T-Rex found him ten years ago all alone on the streets and got interested in the small boy with magical abilities. The doctor raised him (if you could call it as such..... well you can think how he did however you want) and taught Wyatt his ways of experimenting and filled him in into his dreams. Later Wyatt got to be T-Rex assistant and since then helps his sensei.
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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 8/12/11 , edited 8/12/11
Image details:

Creator: syphl

Name: Alexandra Kreigsherr

Race: human

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): neutral

Sex: female

Height: 5'6

Age: 16

Clothing: school uniform, or usually jeans and a t shirt

Special Ability's: magic

Weaknesses: quite, she is learning

Weapons: prefers swords

Likes: being incharge, being number 1, bossy, Nana and Dominque

Dislikes: losing, Dominique (sometimes)

Qualities: energetic, responsible, bossy

Job(As they see it): she was the top of her class and likes being the best.

Goals: to be the number 1

BIO: Her family is from an influential family in Azuriya. She is in constant competition with Dominique who are her rival and also best friend. She plans to excel in school and enter her family business.

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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 8/12/11 , edited 8/12/11
Image details:

Creator: syphl

Name: Dominique Atherton

Race: human

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): neutral

Sex: female

Height: 5'8

Age: 16

Clothing: usually something stylish and in fashion

Special Ability's: magic

Weaknesses: many, she is learning

Weapons: none at the moment

Likes: winning, beating and teasing Alexa

Dislikes: fools, slow people, weak people, losing

Qualities: haughty, arrogant

Job(As they see it): none at the moment

Goals: open her fashion company

BIO: aShe is from one of Azuriya's elite families. She is constantly getting into competitions with Alexandra. Despite her cold and sometimes haughty attitude, she cares deeply for her friends..

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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 8/12/11 , edited 8/12/11
Image details:

Creator: syphl

Name: Nana Yao

Race: human

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): neutral

Sex: female

Height: 5'2

Age: 16

Clothing: her formal clothes at home(kimono etc)

Special Ability's: magic

Weaknesses: very, she is learning

Weapons: she is being taught in the art of Japanese weapons

Likes: peace and quiet, her friends

Dislikes: getting caught up in challenges, being always told to be the best

Qualities: shy, quiet, likes to keep to herself

Job(As they see it): always expected to be the best

Goals: to find what makes her happy

BIO: She comes from an elite family in azuriya and a strict atmosphere. She is expected to live up to her expectations which she does so.
She loves taking things at her pace but she is expected to beat everyone at everything. She is very close friends with Alexa and Dominique who she's known since childhood.

Posted 8/13/11 , edited 8/14/11

Creator: PrussiaIsMine

Name: Yukii Shinkuo

Race: Shinigami

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil):
Sex: F

Height: 5'7

Age: Looks about 16

Weight: 116lbs

Eyes: view picture

Hair: view picture

Skin: Pale

Clothing: view the picture

Special Abilities: Judges the dead, can heal herself and others

Weaknesses: sun and other bright things

Weapons: Gun, and scythe

Likes: Some people, her pet cat

Dislikes: Most things

Good Qualities: Intelligent and always ready

Bad Qualities: Disloyal, two faced, wise ass, and always somewhat angry

Job: Shinigami, god of death

Family: Hatchi, her husband

Goals: None

BIO : Yuki grew up in the Shinigami realm, and she never knew her parents. She fell from the sky and onto earth at age 3, and was adopted by a family of morticians. She soon realized she was a Shinigami when she knew the exact full name, cause of death and personality of the corpse of a dead boy, just by touching him.
She then moved out at fifteen and began to roam the world alone, until she met Hatchi, another Shinigami.

Character's Theme Song (Optional):
"Exodus" by Evanescence


Name: Doki-Neko

Race: it's a cat


Age: 5

Height: height of an average cat

Weight: 18pounds

Weapons/Abilities: none

Qualities: affectionate

Likes: Many things

Dislikes: mice
Posted 8/13/11 , edited 8/13/11

Creator: PrussiaIsMine

Name: Hatchi Osaka

Race: Shinigami

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil)

Sex: M

Height: 6'2

Age: Looks about 18

Weight: 145lbs

Eyes: view picture

Hair: view picture

Skin: Pale

Clothing: view the picture

Special Abilities: He call tell when a person will die, and he can float.

Weaknesses: The dark and water

Weapons: is a pacifist, but will use scythe if provoked

Likes: Everyone {except for evil} Pocky, being happy and making other people angry

Dislikes: fighting, walking {he'd rather float} and being upset

Good Qualities: Kind, Caring, funny, and Intelligent

Bad Qualities: A bit of a wise ass

Job: Shinigami, god of death

Family: Yuki his wife

Goals: None

BIO : Hatchi was the son of a noble in the Shinigami realm.
His life was boring and he was constantly beaten as a boy. He hates the dark because it reminds him too much of his abusive childhood. He fled to earth when he was seventeen, he'd had enough of the dark scary world of his past. He loathes the fact he's a Shinigami, but gladly uses his powers.

Character's Theme Song (Optional):
Discordia-Son of Rust
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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 8/14/11 , edited 8/14/11
okay, they look fine

charas approved, just remember

there are no actual gods in the story, so your chara wont technically be a god even if his(her) title indicates he is

Happy writing
Posted 8/14/11 , edited 9/16/11

Creator: PrussiaIsMine

Name: Antonio Fernandéz Carreido

Race: Human

Sexual Preference: Gay, but don't underestimate

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil):

Sex: M

Height: 6"1

Age: 25

Weight: 164lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: brown

Skin: Olive toned

Clothing: Veiw picture

Special Abilities: Good navigator, excellent with swords and other weaponry

Weaknesses: when Lovino is in trouble, he'll do anything to help him.

Weapons: Sword and pistol

Likes: Lovino, tomatoes, sailing, killing.

Dislikes: The mountains, the dessert, and being without Lovino

Good Qualities: Can be Understanding at times, intelligent, and a great fighter

Bad Qualities: Lustful, creul, Merciless, and foul mouthed at times

Job: Pirate

Family: None

Goals: Sail the World

BIO : Antonio was born in Sevilla, Spain. He lived the life of a normal child, great education, parents were both successful, and he went to Catholic School. But, at age 17, something in Antonio snapped. He didn't want to live the life he had. He wanted adventure! He used some of his parents money and bought a ship. He adopted Lovino, who was an orphan, and set sail. He became a pirate an wreaks havoc on every port he wants to.

Character's Theme Song (Optional): Welcome to Chaos-Son of Rust

Name: Lovino Vargas-Carreido

Race: Human

Sex: M

Age: 8

Height: 4'9

Weight: 84lbs

Skin: pale

Eyes: green but can look hazel

Hair: view picture

Weapons/Abilities: none

Qualities: Bratty, Lazy, Annoying

Likes: Antonio, tomatoes, pizza, doing nothing

Dislikes: cleaning, and being bothered

Antonio and Lovino

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24 / F / omnipresent
Posted 8/14/11 , edited 8/14/11

Image details:

Creator: Alleycat4eva

Name: Alsius

Race: Incarnation

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): chaotic neutral

Sex: F

Height: 6"0


Weight: 50 kilos

Eyes: opaic silver

Hair:wait length balck

Skin: sand colored


Special Abilities: un-living matter manipulation (i.e. molecular configuration)

Weaknesses: Frail body

Weapons: hands

Likes: Just about everything, mostly tea and coffe

Dislikes: arrogance

Good Qualities: wise, friendly, mysterious

Bad Qualities: speaks in riddles, cold

Job: speaker of the fates, incarnation of lachseis

Family: Alley animi

Goals: N/a

BIO : Alsius holds a mysterious air about her, having lived so many years. When she was young, she had a family, but they have long since passed. She had never had children, and worked at a temple for the fates, in which she was chosen to be the second aspect of fate, who tells the middle aspect of life. Since then she has traveled the years and the earth many times over, meeting the next in line to fate, Alley Animi, and the creation without a name, seven.

Character's Theme Song (Optional): Ai-kawaii kenji

Pet Template (Ignore if you don't have a pet):

Image Details:

Name: Navi

Race: Spirit familiar

Sex: n/a

Age: 1000

Height: 5 inch

Weight: 1 oz

Weapons/Abilities: convey wordless messages, create protective barriers

Qualities: gentle, fragile

Likes: Alsius, Alley, melancholy beauty

Dislikes: Fly swatters, ignorance.
Posted 8/14/11 , edited 8/14/11

syphl wrote:

Here is the list you have to fill out in order to take part in the story. If you have some more ideas, feel free to add them. The better you know your chara, the better you'll write!!! PM me or a mod after creating this, so it can be approved.

Note: Your characters weakness can not be "Unknown" or "none" if anything you are allowed to put "Mortal" or "Mortality".

Image details:

Creator: greenbean268

Name: amber

Race: mortal

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): good

Sex: F

Height: 5'4"

Age: 19

Weight: 123

Eyes: change color like mood ring

Hair: black , long

Skin: white

Clothing: jap.dress

Special Abilities: can control fire

Weaknesses: water and snow

Weapons: sword with a dragon disign on it

Likes: people

Dislikes: ham

Good Qualities: nice smart and powerful

Bad Qualities: bad past angry alot

Job: waiteress

Family: parents died brother got murdered and bf car accident

Goals: to take revenge on people who killed family

BIO :her parents died when she was 6 and her brother got murdered when she was 16 and her bf died just when she had opened her heart when she was 18 and then she started to get into trouble alot of trouble like fighting.

Character's Theme Song (Optional):

Pet Template (Ignore if you don't have a pet) snow lepored

Image Details:











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23 / Hogwarts
Posted 8/18/11 , edited 8/18/11

Creator: User name: ShadowIntheNight

Character name: Ander Black.

Race: Shadowmancer

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): Not sure. He works for whomever pays the most.

Sex: Male

Height: 6' 0''

Age: 18

Weight: light

Eyes: Blue-grey. Slit pupils.

Hair: Reddish black

Skin: Pale

Clothing: Black, leather trousers and a long-sleeved black top. Wide black leather band around his neck. Black leather belt with small hidden pockets. Heat regulating.

Special Abilities: Really fast, has the ability to use the shadows to hide himself (he can control them and do almost anything with them), has the ability to make himself invisible (not literally, but he hides really well, even when he's really close to the seeker actively looking for him). Has vast knowledge on poisons - he knows them all and those who anger him generally don't wake up again... He is amazingly flexible and so can hide in the most unlikely spaces. He can use most weapons (guns, knives, daggers, staffs, swords, shurikens, katanas etc...) in many ways, like killing slowly and painfully, quickly and painlessly, slowly and painlessly and quickly and painfully, or just for general torture. He is amazing at gymnastics and he puts this into his moves to escape and fighting. He has snake-like reflexes. He can fight really well at hand to hand too. Very strong ice mage, one of the strongest. Mage, to a degree.

Weaknesses: He prefers not to be caught in a hand to hand fight. Gets too hot easily and so wears heat-regulating clothing. Bright lights hurt his eyes, so he tries to stay out of direct light, and when this is not possible, he wears thin cloth over his eyes to dim it slightly.

Pet: none

Pet abilities: N/A

Weapons: he prefers poison and darts, but he always carries a dagger. Can use most really well. A necklace in the shape of a pointy cross which holds poison and has sharpened diamond edges, which can cut anything and causes pain but no blood because it cuts so thinly.

Likes: Killing, poisons, torture, darkness, ice.

Dislikes: Guns (too loud),

Good Qualities: ... Beautiful guy? Um... intelligent, strong fighter.

Bad Qualities: ... He likes killing... he's an assassin...

Job: New Sadoyus Government Information Spy (technically. He's basically an assassin). He works for SID (Sadoyus Information Department)

Financial Status: Rich? I don't know...

Family: An older twin sister, but they’ve lost regular contact. They had never really known each other well.

Goals: Stay alive, have fun.

BIO: Was kidnapped at age three to train for assassination missions with a gang. He is the ultimate weapon, and he loves his life and enjoys killing. No one has ever linked the assassinations with him, and while there are rumours, no one can prove them. He was an accomplished assassin just a few months later, still age three, beating all the former youngest assassin records as the youngest assassin to have killed 30 people and not been caught once. He likes running, blading, (he nearly always has a pair of blades on him and can control them perfectly, generally winning races), skateboarding (his skateboard is slung over his back when he is roller blading and vice versa. He has amazing skill on both), street running. He has never yet failed an assasination and is very unlikely to do so any time soon... He enjoys torturing and poisoning - and many of his poisons do not have cures - only he can draw it out without being poisoned, and he is immune to all poisons. He is ruthless and merciless, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. People who doubt him never have the chance to do so again... he kills with the slightest reason; it is with good reason that others fear him, but he is kinder to his partner than he is to others. He has unpredictable mood swings - and unpredictability is one of the many words to describe him. Along with dangerous, ruthless, merciless and relentless in getting what he wants. He barely talks, speaking in a quiet voice with the bare minimum of information, communicating with his partner with signals. His movements are sharp, graceful and energy conserving. However, he adapts a different persona when he is skating or blading, unless he's on a job - he seems to let himself have fun. He uses his pretty face, beautiful smile, slim build and general good looks to lure people in and make them think he is not dangerous - do not be fooled. He is one of the most capable killers around. An assassin he met a few hundred years ago, Julian, was the only person he’s ever really loved. He is known as the Wraith or the Poisoner, and in the five-hundred or so years of his life, he has become legendary.
Posted 8/19/11 , edited 8/19/11
Image details:

Creator: xxSirenexx

Name:Óenfer "Rain Man" Hir

Race: Human

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): Good

Sex: Male

Height: 6 ft

Age: 23

Weight: 147 lbs

Eyes: see pic

Hair: see pic

Skin: see pic

Clothing: see pic

Special Abilities: Spotting things people don't. Large memory space. His umbrella is strengthened by magic to repel water and invisible forces which might obstruct his work. His umbrella is made out of tinted fiberglass.

Weaknesses: His deteriorating health and artifacts. Fights. Umbrella require frequent maintanence

Weapons: umbrella

Likes: Long stories. Books. Artifacts. Truth

Dislikes: Hoaxes. Lies. Long waiting time with no answers

Good Qualities: Gentleman, handsome, patient, long attention span

Bad Qualities: headstrong, boring speeches about history, skeptic, low self esteem

Job: Historian

Family: Long line of academics so naturally, he inherits a handsome manor

Goals: Discover all mysteries in the world leading him to an answer to the start of human civilization and beliefs.

BIO : A historian by profession, he travels around the world often to gather information. But his curiosity got the better of him and triggered and ancient curse which led him to suffer from his past life as a very lonely man. Thus, wherever he goes, it rains, affecting his attempts at exploring and interacting with important people. He is recognizable by the black umbrella he carries in all weather conditions. He is currently seeking a cure from this curse.
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