moment in gaming that will always stick out in your head
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Posted 4/20/11 , edited 4/20/11
Ok judge me not for this is about to make me hand in my man card. FF7 my favorite character is Aerith, i spent hours building her up and making her L33t and then BAM. (In a Mortal Kombat voice) "Your soul is mine". I actually teared up when it happened, and still to this day when i play the game it makes me sad lol
Posted 4/22/11 , edited 4/23/11
I think I was 8 or 7 (I don't know) And I was playing shrek 2 for gamecube. And I didn't have a memory card at the time. (so sad) And I was maybe 4 or 5 levels away from beating it. And I had the gamecube on a little stand/dresser/whatever. :| And I guess it wasn't pushed back enough on the stand/dresser/whatever, and guess what? IT FALLS...... :| It falls, and the plug came out of the wall, and yeah. It ended right there, I was all like, "O_O R U SERIOUS?..." Lol :P

And this other time, I was playing mario kart for the gamecube. And I was on the DK jungle course, and I was just about to finish, when I fall off the bridge. (the bridge is placed just before the finish line. Basically a straght away) And thank god I had a chain chomp item with me. Normaly, if you use it before you fall off the course, it dosn't really help. (Yes I know from experience :p) But this time it saved my life. (even though it was a glitch) I used it after I fell off, and the chain chomp actually landed on the bridge, and Brought through the bridge, back on the course. :| And I was like, "O_O .....YES!!!!!" Lol.

And this other time, I was playing Naruto shippuden dragon sword. (this happined recently) And I was stuck in this one level where I had to kill all the bad guys, and usually in videogames, when you beat all the bad guys in opens a new door/level/whatever. :| And it didn't this time, all that was left in the place I was fighting was a item box. And usually you press A to open a item box. But of course, not in this game. :| I swear I was walking around doing nothing for 10 minutes. Not knowing that all I had to do was press Y (I think) ......When I finally figured it out, I was like, "............ :| " Lol, yep! :D

And the time my cousins gave me my very first game consol. THE NINTENDO 64!!! I was so happy! And they gave me games too! Mario party, mario party 3, mario kart, bugs life, and yoshi story. I was soooo obsessed with yoshi story. (Witch reminds me I should play that again. 4 teh memories)

Yeah, I know this is long. But if you sat there and read the whole thing, uhh, Thanks! I guess? Lol.
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