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★ Rules And Regulations For All Mew Mew ★

Mew Mew Rules ~Nya!

1. Read the rules and regulations first before doing anything else.
2. Apply for a character first before Role-Playing.
3. Do not CHEAT during Missions and Battles.
5. Treat your superiors with respect and follow the rules.
6. Do not steal anything from this group and copy materials for another group.
7. Stay active please! (Mods will send a PM to inactive Mew Mew Members. If they will not respond within a month, we will be forced to remove them from the group ASAP.)

How To Be A Mew Mew Character

Go to the Mew Mew Character Application and fill out all the requirements and wait for it to be approved by the Mods first, before you can start Role-Playing. Then after that, you should register your Character to the Mew Mew Character List so that we could save up your progress and record new data or information in your Profile Character in the Mew Mew List.

How to Start Role-Playing

Before you start Role-Playing, we need you to register your info to the following:
Mew Mew Character Application Forum; Make your own character first and proceed on to the next step.
Mew Mew Character List ; So we could keep track of your data record as you progress by doing Missions in specific RP Locations at certain areas in japan.

You can go to Cafe Mew Mew (Headquarters) and you can Role-Play in these Areas:
Cafe Mew Mew
Inohara Park
Odaiba, Tokyo Bay
Still More To Come...

How To Do Missions

1.) Once you have registered your own character, go to the pages to see more detailed info about Missions.

2.) There are 3 Types of Missions available. The Story Missions, Mew Mew Missions, and the Training Missions.

In the Story Missions, these missions are found in the episodes of Tokyo Mew Mew. (Also, the story missions are a bit harder than other missions because some of these missions requires you to defeat certain bosses like Kish or Kisshu, etc.)

In Mew Mew Missions, these are ordinary simple missions that only requires you to defeat Chimera Anima that has spread among in various places. Prevent them from wreaking havoc by doing these Missions. (In Mew Mew Missions, the opponents are only Chimera Anima and they are not derived from the episodes of the Anime Tokyo Mew Mew, so your only duty is to eradicate them. Also, these missions can be repeated anytime you want as long as you want. You have the upper hand, since Story Missions can only be done once in a day and only one at a time)

The last Mission is the Training Missions, which are recommended for newbies because these Missions are suitable for beginners and the inexperienced. (In these missions, there is no foe or opponent so you do not have to defeat any enemy. All you have to do is complete easy and simple tasks of the Mew Mew to finish these Missions. This is to your advantage, since these tasks requires less effort but you can still gain credit for it like the other missions.)

3.) Once you finish a mission successfully, go back to HQ ( Cafe Mew Mew ) and report to the Mission Board for us to record your progress and new data to the Mew Mew Character List. Post all your completed missions and other stuff like Photo Posts, Wall Posts, Forum Posts because you can also earn or receive credits for doing so.

Questions (FAQ)

Go to HQ if you have any questions to ask or complaints about any mistakes or errors made. We will fix any problems or issues reported to us there ASAP. Please don't use any rude language, or we will ban you from the group unless you make an apology. If you have any suggestions, please PM it to one of the Mods available or post it to the HQ as well. Do not hesitate to suggest any good ideas, we really look forward to any new ideas you can come up with that may do something good to influence or help the group.
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