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Cafe Mew Mew

Yōkoso mina-san, yoi ichi-nichi desu!
This is where Mew Mew Members come to report in completed missions and other efforts to earn and receive money or Yen (¥ - Japanese Currency)


If you fail to complete the format, you will not receive any points or validated credit for them. If we reject a given format, we will soon notify you that it is an Invalid or Incorrect Format


1 Photo Post: 100 ¥
1 Forum Post: 50 ¥
1 Wall Post: 10 ¥

RP Points: Reputation Points (Credit earned or received by completing missions, photo posts, forum posts, wall posts, and others, etc.)

Yen: Japanese Currency ¥ (Used for buying materials needed for combat during Missions or Battle with another Mew Mew Member)


♱ Can I make two or more characters of my own? ♱

Sorry, I'm afraid it is not allowed. You can only apply or create one character. You cannot also apply one character and create one character at the same time! In order to have multiple characters, you must use another account because one individual pertains to one character only.

♱ Can I repeat the same mission again in one day? ♱

It depends, because that is not allowed when you're doing Story Missions. But for the Mew Mew and Training Missions, it can be accepted. But we will be reading every mission a Mew Mew Member does, so be careful not to God-Mod or Power-Mod and cheat in missions even battles. Warning: You can't use weapons that you don't really own or have, so fight using your own technique and battling style using the weapon of your choice.

♱ I wanted to apply for a certain character but its already taken, could I still apply for it? ♱

If the character you want is already taken, then you can't take that character anymore. Its because we would be confused and mix different identities if there would be multiple identical characters. But if you made a mistake and applied for a character that has already been taken, we will be forced to reject your application and notify you to take another available character instead.

♱ I don't know this Anime Series so I don't know how this group operates, now what should I do next? ♱

If you're not familiar with this Anime Series, its called Tokyo Mew Mew. There are Special Links about this Anime Series in the group profile description. Those clickies contain detailed information about this Anime and also the episodes with the Manga, so I hope that helps! But this group mostly supports Zakuro Fujiwara or Renee Roberts and not the Anime itself. So look her up in the Character List at one of the Special Links, it may be enough to fill you in on the details about this group.

Please Fill In The Form Below:

Mission Completes: (name and number of mission)
Forum Posts:
Wall Posts:
Photo Posts:
Items Used: (Please enlist what type or kind and how many uses)
Others: (Pre-made Avatar or banner for the Group,etc.)

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