[2011 KDrama] Hooray for Love
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Title: 애정만만세 / Aejungmanmanse
Also known as: Long Live Love
Previously known as: 지지 않는 여자 / The Woman Who Never Loses
Genre: Romance
Episodes: TBA
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2011-Jul-16 to TBA
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45


The drama is about the success story of a woman named Jae-mi (Lee Bo-young) who divorces her loser husband (Jin Yi-han) and finds new love with the lawyer hired to invalidate their divorce (Lee Tae-sung).


Lee Bo Young as Kang Jae Mi

Lee Tae Sung as Byun Dong Woo

Jin Yi Han as Han Jung Soo

Extended Cast

Chun Ho Jin as Kang Hyung Do

Bae Jong Ok as Oh Jung Hee

Byun Jung Soo as Byun Joo Ri
Yoon Hyun Sook as Oh Jung Shim
Han Yeo Reum as Chae Hee Joo
Ahn Sang Tae (안상태) as Nam Dae Tae
Kim Soo Mi
Park In Hwan
Seo In Young (cameo, eps 1-3)

Lee Bo-young takes on new weekend drama

Lee Bo-young (Birth of the Rich) has signed on to her next drama, an MBC weekend production titled The Woman Who Doesn’t Lose. But maybe a better way to refer to it would be She Never Loses, since we’re full up on drama titles about men and women who can’t, want, or still want to do things. (Mostly marrying.)

She Never Loses is a success story of a late-20s divorced woman overcoming obstacles, in another example of the Candy narrative (sigh, another one). (I’ve had some confused questions about Candy, so the basic explanation is this: Candy is the heroine of a famous manhwa from the ’70s, whose M.O. was to be knocked down by life but bounce back cheerily. An orphan from a poor background, she was romanced by a couple dreamy heroes, making her a very popular example of a modern Cinderella. The story’s become such a pop-culture fixture that the “Candy type” has become a shorthand in dramas for poor, plucky heroines. You know. Her. In every drama ever.)

Lee Bo-young’s version of Candy is, of course, a bright and upbeat personality who is named, appropriately, Kang Jae-mi. (Jae-mi also happens to be the word for fun or interesting. Coincidence? I think not.)

The creative team behind the production are PD Joo Sung-woo (Goldfish, Chun-ja’s Happy Events) and writer Park Hyun-joo (My Precious You, Golden Bride). Given the tone of those series, I presume this drama will fall into the category of familiar weekend fare — lighthearted, family-friendly, with smaller stories as Jae-mi goes about her daily struggles.

She Never Loses will complete its casting by May, and plans to begin shooting in June. It’ll air following Do You Hear My Heart?

Via Osen


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Yay. The screenwriter of Golden Bride (my favorite k-drama ever) is writing this!

I'll definitely be checking out the first few episodes based on that alone.
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Jae Hee’s drama comeback!

Jae Hee is to co-star Lee Bo Young (another improving actress, ever since Harvest Villa and BOTR) in the upcoming MBC drama “Woman Who Never Gives Up” (writer: Park Hyun Joo / PD: Joo Seung Woo) which tells of a divorcee, Kang Jae Mi (Lee Bo Young) in her late 20s who overcomes life obstacles in order to improve and make her life better.

Jae Hee presumably plays the male lead and the love interest of Jae Mi? No particulars on that now but I’m sure it will be nothing short of what we’ve seen before in other K-dramas.
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Jeong Seok-won cast for "Hooray for Love" as Lee Bo-yeong's man

Actor Jeong Seok-won is attempting at an image change in the drama "Hooray for Love".

He has been cast as the first man of Lee Bo-yeong in the new MBC weekend drama "Hooray for Love".

He is Han Jeong-soo and is the typical irresolute guy.

His management said, "He will take off the strong look he's been showing until now and change into a different image in "Hooray for Love". We hope you look forward to Jeong Seok-won who will be reborn as a true actor through this drama".

"Hooray for Love" is about the successful story about a divorced woman in her 30's and will be broadcasted from the middle of July after "Can You Hear my Heart".

Jeong Seok-won said, "I chose the one that could give me the change to show a different side ofe me" and raised expectations.

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Jae Hee injured, drops drama

After a period of three years, actor Jae Hee has finally come out for a comeback of a new drama called Hooray For Love. Unfortunately, due to a back injury he will be dropping out of the drama that he had just been cast in.

Jae Hee injured his back while practicing for a windsurfing shoot, necessitating his departure from the production. He has been receiving treatment via Oriental medicine for his injury since the accident on May 30, but recurring pain has made it difficult for him to continue filming.
A representator from his agency said,

Immediately after the injury, his shooting schedule was delayed and his progress was monitored while he received treatment, but he has not made any improvement yet. In his current condition, he won’t be able to film certain scenes, nor will he be able to handle overseas shoots or the filming schedule. With his lack of improvement, we’ve determined that continuing to delay shoots will hinder the production, and after a lot of deliberation about how not to cause trouble for the cast and crew, we consulted with producers and decided to leave the show.

Jae Hee's character in the weekend MBC drama Hooray For Love was to be the lead opposite Lee Bo-young, a sharp, perfect-on-the-outside playboy lawyer who is hired to invalidate her divorce to her no-good ex-husband (Jung Seok-won). However, Jae Hee injured his back while practicing for a windsurfing shoot, necessitating his departure from the production.

Lee Tae Sung Takes Over From Jae Hee On "Hooray For Love"

Lee Tae Sung takes the lead role on MBC weekend series “Hooray for Love.” Lee steps into the role recently departed by Jae Hee, who had to drop out of the project last week after suffering an injury while practicing for a windsurfing scene.

The character is described as a sharp lawyer who Lee Bo Young’s character hires to invalidate her divorce.

“Hooray for Love” marks Lee’s first leading man role. His last series was the adapted-from-manga “Playful Kiss,” in which he played Kim Hyun Joong’s rival for Jung So Min. His past work includes “Life Is Good” (2009) as part of an ensemble cast, “Time Between Dog and Wolf” (2007) with Lee Jun Ki and “9 End 2 Outs” (2007) with Lee Jung Jin and Su Ae.

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Jin I-han picked for "Hooray For Love"… fills a opening

“Gladly supposed a request”, says production.

Actor Jin I-han will be stuffing a opening for Jeong Seok-won.

Jin I-han has been selected as a savior of new MBC weekend drama, “Hooray for Love“. He’s stuffing a opening that was done due to Jeong Seok-won stepping down. MBC play dialect says, “It wouldn’t have been an easy choice to make though Jin I-han gladly supposed it. He will start sharpened soon”.

Jin I-han and author Park Hyeon-joo who wrote “Hooray for Love” have a singular relationship. Last year, Jin I-han‘s KBS 1TV play “Good Days when a Wind Blows” and Kim Hyeon-joo‘s MBC play “Life is Good” had a battle. Kim Hyeon-joo took a victory. The dialect says, “They have met again as friends and not foes. We wish they work good together”.

Jin I-han has a purpose of Lee Bo-yeong‘s father Han Jeong-soo.

“Hooray for Love” with expel Jin I-han, Lee Bo-yeong, Lee Tae-seong and more, will be following a stream play “Can You Hear my Heart” in July.

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Press Conference 12.07.2011

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ungumuda wrote:

The Woman Who Never Loses a.k.a Hooray for Love

couldn't tell if she was asian from this pic...looks like a white lady hehe
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