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You may only roleplay if you've claimed a character or you've created a character.
You may enter characters from other anime here as well as long as you claimed the character.
This one is like the main roleplay where we don't focus the roleplay on any anime.

Begin RolePlaying!! xDD
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Here everybody can roleplay their club. For example:: Archery, Judo, Art, Dance, Tennis, etc.
Have fun. :))
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Cyril walked in to an empty room and sat in one of the desks. Academy was boring, as usual. He needed something exciting to do. Just then, a wicked, crazy smile came across his face, and his eye twitched. 'Yyyyeeeeesssss!!!!!!!!'

// What about a Magiks club?

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Didn't you read it said ETC. That kind of stands for "and others."
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