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20 / M / Canada
Posted 11/1/12 , edited 11/2/12
Played for 2 years. Sadly, got bored of it....
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29 / M
Posted 11/2/12 , edited 11/3/12
I play but I never bother to do too much intricate construction.

My greatest home was a pyramid in a desert that was between two NPC villages. The pyramid was at least 20 or so blocks tall in the middle of a lake, made entirely of sandstone, and had a glass tip. The interior of the pyramid contained three above-ground floors and a ladder for climbing up to the glass top, where you could look out over the desert. The bed was at the glass top floor.

It also had one subterranean floor, which I used as a storage area. Behind the storage area was a large chamber that I left dark on purpose so monsters could spawn in there for me to kill. Basement was storage, first floor had a pool for fishing, second floor was the crafting room, third floor was where I hung all the paintings. If you count the glass top bedroom as a floor, I guess it's fourth.

Usually, I prefer constantly moving around, exploring dungeons and caves with friends and sailing across huge bodies of water. I only have homes near the beginning, when I need to gather enough iron and food to make my nomadic adventures sustainable.
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31 / M / Chicago
Posted 11/12/12 , edited 11/12/12
I make tons of new worlds all the time. I never manage to finish building anything, but building is actually my favorite part of minecraft.

Here's a few pictures.

A castle town I was building for a server.

Arial View:

A thing I discovered, and am kinda curious about. Haven't dug here at all, this is ow it occurred naturally:

And A TNT Cannon I built.:
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18 / M / California
Posted 12/21/12 , edited 12/22/12
If you do get bored, there is always mods and servers to out for
Posted 1/2/13 , edited 1/2/13
I used to play so much, I shall have to resurrect my server sometime over summer.
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28 / M / Norway
Posted 1/3/13 , edited 1/3/13
I sitll play it alot. I love the game. I got it for Xbox 360, Android and PC. Had it for PC for close to 2 years now.
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28 / F / Washington
Posted 1/4/13 , edited 1/4/13
I love minecraft! ♥_♥ I managed to get my entire family addicted to it along with my Uncle and Grandpa.

*cackles evilly*

I haven't played as much though I wouldn't mind joining a +18 server but I have been messing around with Technic a lot lately. It's fun~
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31 / M / A rock in the mid...
Posted 1/8/13 , edited 1/8/13
I played for a while a couple years ago but only single player survival, and only one world so far. Still I quite liked the first place I carved out of the rock in that world. I uploaded a whole tour in a photo gallery.
Some of the nicer parts though:
View of the front side from another mountain in the snow

View from the ground floor, front side:

View of the front from an underground passage connecting my little crater to the rest of the world:

My geothermal rooftop onsen and the perfect weather to enjoy it:
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48 / M / Texas
Posted 1/26/13 , edited 1/26/13
I've played Minecraft for about a year. Usually I'm on the private Bukkit server we've setup on the Mystic Island Games server. Its only accessible here at our home or via a private, encrypted company VPN.

When we first got into Minecraft, me and my roommate (the owner of Mystic Island Games, LLC), we built a huge undersea dome in Survival Mode on a vanilla Minecraft server without any mods. We nearly emptied an entire desert collecting enough sand to displace the water and make all of the glass.

Now we use Bukkit and several mods including Multiverse, Multiverse Portals, and a few others I don't remember off hand. One lets us fly in Survival Mode, still doesn't save us from Creepers. I really hate those things. The front of my place is guarded by several Iron Golloms penned in with fences so they don't wander off. Over a jungle I've build a city in the sky, which is connected to my first build via a long rail system, and the different sections of the sky city are connected via rail.
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27 / M / United States
Posted 2/27/13 , edited 2/28/13
I love Minecraft. I first started playing it back in classic, and I so often found myself drawing up blue-prints for it at work. I eventually got minecraft-burnout, but there was no question I would eventually come back to it. I still play quite a bit now, but no one I know ever wants to play anymore, so it gets a tinge.... lucky that my internet sucks I guess? Man, I fail at optimism
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27 / M
Posted 3/3/13 , edited 3/3/13
I love and play Minecraft. Been playing for almost two years now. I play Classic, Bukkit, and Tekkit. I love the cooperative building community. All the creative ideas of multiple people coming together into one grand city or world. So fun.
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24 / F / United States
Posted 3/30/13 , edited 3/30/13
Minecraft is a little too addictive.
I start playing and i swear hours go by and i don't even know it.
is it bad when you start dreaming in pixels and blocks?
Because this is what Minecraft has done to me.
I would love to join anybodies server who is willing to offer it up!
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28 / United States
Posted 3/31/13 , edited 4/1/13
No kidding. . . it even gets more fun once the creepers bring out the big guns.

But yeah, I recently started playing this with my brother, and I love it.

Edit: Creepers are among the best mobs ever created

Edit 2: Check dead end thrills minecraft

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20 / M / Sweden
Posted 4/27/13 , edited 4/27/13
I do sometimes I think it's funny to play with friends online, but not singleplayer
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23 / New Zealand
Posted 4/30/13 , edited 5/1/13
My computer sucks too much to play Minecraft at a decent FPS even with the Optifine mod
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