Their on your back
Posted 4/24/11 , edited 4/24/11
Shirts that always find their way on your back and possess a certain appeal that you're drawn too.

The appeal is two way. The shirts you like to have on your back and shirts you like seeing on other peoples back. Their intrigue when worn can make you all hot and bothered...or just admire the aesthetics of it.

A shirt, t-shirt, small shirts, any manner of shirt. I should go back to shirt school to get my shirt nomenclature degree.

I like v-neck shirts for myself that show off my masculine chest. The ladies love it. On others tight shirts are fine were the belly is shown in a sporty cute way. And slutty way too. Even in an aloof, "you can't touch this" way also.

I know what I want What shirts are you into?
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Posted 4/24/11 , edited 4/24/11
I like shirts that insult the people that read them. Too bad I only own one...
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A guy's shirt in the morning as a cover up. You know, for that "Just did it" look.

On a serious note....

I prefer cami tops and vests in this weather.
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