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Ao No Excorsist
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Posted 5/3/11 , edited 5/3/11

newyorkmetsman wrote:

Toushiro1010 wrote:

Now then if u actually read the 2nd quote (which is definitely spot on) you would understand why its illegal. I'm assuming you didn't. So I'm gonna give you a metaphor.

Let's say a singer from say, the US, sang a really pretty song which is a global sensation, or just a local sensation. And that song happens to be written by him/her, that song becomes his/her intellectual property. Why? He/She made it of course! Then someone from lets say, China, or India, or maybe even Sweden, decides to get smart and translates the song, sings the song with exactly the same notes, with maybe a slightly different arrangement. Oh and here's the kicker, Singer B DID NOT credit or even mention this to Singer A . Now, would you consider it theft? I certainly do. And the fansubbers are doing the exact same thing. Did they credit the original creators? No. Do they even dare to mention this to the original creator? No.

If you see things this way it is very clear that fansubbers are thieves of intellectual property, thus what they're doing is illegal. Unless what you want to say is that theft is legal.

About the smoking pot part, personally I can only say that you are doing bodily harm to yourself. Being a functioning member of society is good and all but you're harming yourself. What the government is trying to do by outlawing pot is a measure to ensure the well being of you, the people they're meant to work for.

I've always known it was illegal. The connection you tried to make between piracy and fan subs were juvenile and to be honest border lined idiocy. It was so far off base I had a difficult time reading it and I literally said "wtf" out loud while doing so. As far as me smoking pot... I said it was in High School which was literally a decade ago for me and haven't smoked any since. All I did was post up if anyone knew about Aoi no Excorsist was being fansubbed and that they did a good job and that it was being released 2 days earlier than CR. That was it and people started jumping down my throat! As of right now I'm going to get this post (my post) removed because it's insulting not only a very good show but also fansubbers with whom without CR would not exsist. However I do like CR which is why I'm a paid member and this post ended up being rather insulting to them to. On behalf of all parties I apoligize for the direction this post has gone.

Look at my name I have a star.. see.. I pay,,, yet I do not watch my anime On crunchyroll.. I found better places to watch anime.. Still I pay... because I use this site.. and I love the ED... anyone wanna have a religious debate with me, I be happy to pawn you!
Love debating (drool) ........................ O yeah.. anyhow fuck them... fuck the little babies balling about you watching anime on other sights. big fucking woooop... they just need to get a life.. and realize we pay for the services, but it is illogical to burn other bridges..

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