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Post Reply introducey .... !!
Posted 6/12/08 , edited 6/12/08
Helloo minna.. im matty ^__^ yoroshiku onegaishimasu
im a really freindly guy.. i always try to look out for my friends.. and i have the self claimed gift of the gab xD
my favourite anime is Negima!? [if you read my profile it would be obvious xD] but i love loadsa others too.. hope we can get along desu~
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25 / F / ☆ Marrying 707 in...
Posted 6/13/08 , edited 6/13/08
hi! im Mikaela but you guys can call me Mika-chan! yoroshiku~!! hehehe.. im 14 years old... im from the Philippines... i love eating sweet things!! X3 hehehe...i like to watch animes and dramas, eat, sleep, play games, chat, play with pets, skate, read, draw and some other stuff~!! ^_^

this is a pic of me! wearing a costume!! hehehe...
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24 / F / singapore
Posted 6/13/08 , edited 6/14/08
Hi, my name is arina.
I love...
Colours: white, black and blue...
Activities: netball, basketball, and some other ball games..
Movie: One litre of tears, Tada, Kimi wo ashiteru, and many more...
Drama: chinese, Malay, and other dramas.
Anime: Clannad, Honey and clover and many more.
Pictures: cute, loving, and many more to mention...
I love to do shooting at school if im bored at school....
I like to fool around when its art lesson...derr coz i hate art...
I love myself....i always accept what done is done...i accept myself with an open hand when im first born...
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33 / F / Philippines
Posted 6/14/08 , edited 6/14/08
Im Shein!I usuaLLy wake Up aT 4:30 In d MorNIng,AnD I go 2 sChooL at 6 Am and I wiLL arrIVe aT oUR hoUSe UsuaLLy aT 6 Or 7 Pm Once I goT home I startEd 2 WatcH anImes... Then aRound 8:30 PM Im aLReady asLeeP I LOvE to RomanTic Animes MagIcaL and AdveNturouS aNIMes!!

My favoRite fOOds R:

*IcE CReam
*ManGo Float

AnD THis S Meh:

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24 / F / `in ur dreams ..
Posted 6/14/08 , edited 6/15/08

pinkpearl wrote:

pinkpearl wrote:

Hey everyone! My name is Michelle I am 15 and gonna be a sophomore next year in high school. I LOVE to play instruments especially the violin and piano! I also like listening to music and for some reason am very addicted to Jpop. Im a hip-hop dancer lol i love to dance and im in a dance class at school so im not on cr so much. Well if you wanna know me better don't hesitate to add me. Pic of me (im in pink da one in the white is my cousin =]):

wee !! we have a cute member .. >.<
lmao ^^ ♥♥
Posted 6/15/08 , edited 6/15/08
Hi Hi..! *big smile*
My name is Elizabeth^.^ ... but my nickname is Koha-Pink ^.^ ... or just Koha..! *tee hee hee*
Nice to meet everyone~suu..! I like to make buddies so add mee..! ^.^
I love Pink ..! Yay..! *tee hee hee* Oh..! and my other fave colors are Light Pink... Dark Pink.. but not too dark going to black..^.^ ... and I also like Red and White mixed (you get the idea..!)
I love Ice Cream..! *I cecream you cecream we cecream for Ice Cream..!* But I only love Chocolate..!

I look like Koharu Kusumi (by the way that's the reason my nickname is Koha-Pink and Koha ^.^)

And Koharu is also my Idol..! ^.^
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28 / F / ♥♥••any computer...
Posted 6/16/08 , edited 6/16/08
well first of all my name is charmagne.. but just call me charm or mimin..^^ *wink wink*
im from philippines..^^
uhmm... i love to watch anime and jdramas..^^
but more on animes..^^
my fave colors are blue.purple...
my fave foods?? cream.chocolates with milk..^^
thats it.. and i dont have a pic.. gomen..^^

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23 / F
Posted 6/17/08 , edited 6/17/08
My name is Haeri or some ppl call me Ashley at school.
My nickname is Cookie because of my cookie addiction

Umm, i wake up at 6am and I ride the bus at 7am. i come back frm school at 4pm and do hw while doing cpu. and then i...uhh....ummm..... haha thts all....i usually just keep doing cpu and then sleep.
I'm in love with Kamichama Karin and Shugo Chara
hmm...wat else...Oh!
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30 / F / philippines
Posted 6/18/08 , edited 6/18/08 clarissa mae tan..i love animes..with cute character..handsome..pretty..with romance..funny and cool..
i usually wake around 10am..because almost all of my subjects starts at lazy..haha..i love of reading nora roberts work.."morrigan's cross"..its about a vampire who wants to destroy the world..thats why the god form an army that contains 5 diffent people with different character from different time..a witch, sorcerer, scholar, man who can form anything and a vampire..nwie..i love eating..any kinds..even exotic foods..
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24 / F / `in ur dreams ..
Posted 6/21/08 , edited 6/21/08
helluuuuuu !!!!

kawaii mina-san !! konnichiwa !! :]]
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25 / M / y do u wanna no?...
Posted 6/21/08 , edited 6/21/08
da name is Jay or Takuto w/e x]
um i like mocha or green tea ice cream
i luv workz done by arina tanemura =]
i play audition(nexon/eu) n im a noob but my frdz said im not =P
umm also...
i get bored MAD EZ x[

4 pic i dun feel like posing it up here so u can go 2 my page 2 look i guess xD
im sry if ppl say i look gay x]x]
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29 / F / LaLa Paradise ``...
Posted 6/21/08 , edited 6/22/08
hellos... xD

im Ling (short name) . haha ><" a normal gal ; got a very very very BIG EYES *(O_O) ; i blur like sotong? ; (STM) short term memory.
i likes japan ; anime ; listen to many types of music ; cute stuffs/cool stuffs ;
i usually play with my bunny .hanging out...
ice cream is my favourites! a lot of flavours dat i like also. eat too much of it will get FAT! NoOoOoOO ~

no picture posted. cos im too shy xDDDDD

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24 / F
Posted 6/22/08 , edited 6/22/08
hiya minna-san nice to meet.. everybodi here im 14 years old.. name is ayame or u can call me becky
i luuuuv ice-cream wen i was young i and i saw an ice-cream truck i wud always beg my mum to buy it for mi ><
lyk the new oreo/cookies and cream flavour ice-cream or mint flavour my favoutites :D

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22 / F / stupidvile ~ popu...
Posted 6/23/08 , edited 6/23/08
watashi wa kiri-chan. yoroshiku *bows* im just a normal girl. im 11 turning 12 this december

Vanilla ice-cream with a brownie is my favourite. im always forced to share even if i dont want to.

i live in singapore...its sooo hot here >_< u need more ice-cream than usual to stay alive. but sometimes, i just suck an ice

i think thats all...ja ne!!
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23 / F / NC
Posted 6/24/08 , edited 6/25/08
Hey everyone! It's Ziona here aka ZI-chan aka Miyuki. You can call me any of those
and i like animes that have a lot of action/drama or is funny and cute.

Haha, some facts about me:
I'm a ditsy little shy, anime secret agent.
I'm a hot chinese filipino american!
I'm a tree hugger, cares for the environment...
I try to be creative, love art... painting, drawing, clay...
and love photography!

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