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Posted 4/26/11 , edited 4/26/11
Hello one and all

the new draft has been and gone, seems like Smackdown slightly got the better deal this year again but is it just me or has anyone else seem a major flaw in the draft?
For one thing it has seemingly confirmed that Christian will become the World Heavyweight Champion since Alberto Del Rio (and she dances on the sands) is now on RAW but what if Del Rio does win the title does that mean RAW will have BOTH world champions and Smackdown will have the secondary Titles? That doesnt seem right...I mean how is Smackdown going to compete when their Main Event is either a IC or US title match?

Another strange move was the spliting of the World Tag team champions Kane (Smackdown) and Big Show (Now RAW) what is going on with this draft, does this suggest that on smackdown the corre will regain the gold when most would seem it impossible against the largest tag team ever

This draft has been sorta messed up, it kinda screams whats bound to happen at extreme rules

expect Christian to win the world heavyweight title

expect Kofi Kingston to win the IC title from Barrett to bring it to RAW

and that another thing...WWE dropped the ball when they split up Mysterio and Sin Cara i was really hoping to see those two go at it
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Posted 4/27/11 , edited 4/27/11
Whoa welcome back Vyrus!

Here's in case people need to see again how the draft went as this was also posted in the Behind the Scenes thread:

During the RAW Televised Draft:

* John Cena
* Randy Orton
* Mark Henry
* Sin Cara

* Rey Mysterio
* The Big Show
* Alberto Del Rio
* John Cena

- John Cena was drafted FIRST to Smackdown, and then after the main event, where Raw won the draft pick, he was drafted BACK to Raw.

During the Supplemental Draft:

9. To Smackdown - Daniel Bryan
10. To RAW - Jack Swagger
11. To Smackdown - The Great Khali and Raijin Singh
12. To Smackdown - Jimmy Uso
13. To RAW - Kelly Kelly
14. To RAW - JTG
15. To Smackdown - Alicia Fox
16. To Smackdown - William Regal
17. To Smackdown - Yoshi Tatsu
18. To RAW - Drew McIntyre
19. To Smackdown - Natalya
20. To RAW - Curt Hawkins
21. To RAW - Chris Masters
22. To Smackdown - Jey Uso
23. To RAW - Kofi Kingston
24. To Smackdown - Ted Dibiase Jr.
25. To Smackdown - Tyson Kidd
26. To Smackdown - Tamina
27. To RAW - Tyler Reks
28. To Smackdown - Alex Riley
29. To RAW - Beth Phoenix
30. To Smackdown - The US Champ Sheamus
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Posted 4/27/11 , edited 4/27/11
My thoughts on the draft and todays supplemental draft.

-Most of the changes occured as epected though the whole Cena to SD back to Raw stuff was incredibly silly and a waste of a draft pick.
Orton going to Smackdown make sense as they needed a restock on faces but lost their best Heel now in Alberto which may slow things.Mysterio going to Raw is another intresting move and Sin Cara sliding intio his spot makes sense as it gives him time to fully adjust to a WWE style of things but I wouldn't give up on seeing those two face off in the next while.

I'll agree with what Vyrus noted in that we could have both world titles potentaly ending up on the same show but I'm leaning towards that they won';t but you never know .The next months will tell as this is supposed to be a building to Summerslam with these roster changes but how I guess we'll just wait and see.

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Posted 4/29/11 , edited 4/29/11
I am really hoping that Alberto Del Rio move to RAW IS a sign that Christian has finally been given the title push he has been deserving all these years, the guy is talented, he is brilliant on the mic, he can heal and face as well as any superstar in WWE

I just dont understand why its taken so long for WWE to notice this really? I mean when Christian was ECW champion he was one of the best champions in the company (including the likes of Cena, Orton and Edge), When he was at TNA again he was a superb world champion...but when WWE ended ECW christian became a rare main eventer that NEVER got main event matches which is just wierd and me Christian is in that same category as the Undertaker in the sense that both of them just seem too good to become IC or US champions right now you know? Christian deserves that title and i pray WWE at extreme rules give it to him at last!!!

has anyone else noticed that Rey Mysterio has been traded back and forth more times than any other superstar? i wish WWE would make up their minds on where they think he best suited...he is a former world champion FFS and they treat him like a lower mid card person.

Another person I would like WWE to start pushing more is Yoshi Tatsu, the guy is incredibly gifted in the ring but everytime he seems to be raising to championship contention he mysteriously disappears and reappears back at the bottom...I am not saying that he is world champion material yet but I think he would make a pretty cool US or IC champion some time this year

Its funny to see that alot of the supplemental trades are wrestlers that are likely to be released in the upcoming months, i mean Curt Hawkins hasnt impressed the fans at all, in fact if he had been traded i wouldnt have realised he was still in WWE, William Regal has already said he would be retiring in the next year so he wont be given much of a push now, Tyson Kidd hasnt done alot since he split from the hart dynasty so you can see him gone and so many more

and finally I agree that the whole Cena situation was just stupid beyond words, that to me wasted two draft picks that could have been used to really shake things up in WWE like say bring the Corre to RAW and the Nexus to Smackdown thus the Orton-Punk storyline can continue or even bring Kane to RAW with Big Show so we dont have tag champions on two different shows
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