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hope you like them
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Summers night and the fools twilight BY Me ^.^ ( this is what happens when im bored @ school)

It was a midsummer's night and the fool danced around mid-twilight, without a care in the world without a frown. And while dancing he ran into these three beings.
The first he ran into was joy who told about the fun of dreaming under the stars and the warm good jolly feeling when you did something nice or good for another. And then once joy had told his tale the fool just danced on.
The next he ran into was love. Love told the fool all about the great experience of caring for another and getting care back in return. And once the fool was told all there was to be told by love he danced on.
The Third and final being the fool ran into before the nights in was a human who was consumed in hate. And indeed hate was his name. Hate brought the fool close and told him of all the suffering and loathing caused by others. And hates words stuck as the fool danced on.
And when night was gone and first dawn came the fool returned to the king in which sent him on his noble deeds. But his words of wisdom taught by hate prevailed and shone through the others of joy and love. The king was astounded and sent the fool to death.
At the guillotine his head was chopped and the fool was never heard from again…..
And so now my child listen to the words of the noble king, when you go out on your life's journey always listen and learn from others such as joy love and even sadness and rebirth, but when you come across the emotion of hate shut the words out that he speaks, for if you do not…. thou will be just as the fool. Good night my sweet child. And remember this lesson well.
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excuse my bad grammar

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