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Posted 4/26/11 , edited 5/31/11

α мєѕѕαgє ƒяσм тнє ¢яєαтσя ♔
before anything else, please choose your household head. he/she will be in charge of this household, although it does not necessarily mean he/she will be the father. second, you may edit your profile whichever way you want, as long as there is a picture of your mansion & it’s rooms (in spoiler), your members and your family bio. your family bio must be short and precise, all household members must work on this. third, you may not have another mansion unless you win the money making contest (coming soon), or unless i say so. fourth, there may be new characters who would like to be part of your family, so it is up to you if you will take them in or not. and lastly, please do stay active and as much as possible act like a real rich family. that’s all, have fun then¡ ;)
*P.S. Please delete this after everyone has read it.

Father - Anthony Halkett
Mother - Evelyn (Kelle) Halkett (CherishFancy)
1st Child - Adam Halkett
2nd Child - Aria Halkett (MissDanderfluff)
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22 / Arcadia, Nevernever
Posted 5/17/11 , edited 5/23/11

I knew it. I should just have said yes and go with them to some party. But no, I just had to bring up some ridiculous excuse which leads me to my situation right now. I’m not really a party person but I don’t really enjoy sitting on the couch while stroking my cat’s fur during a fair Saturday afternoon either.

I settled grim on the floor and made a beeline towards the kitchen to see if there’s some bread I could eat. You could never put cooking and Aria in the same sentence unless your sentence is ‘Aria is bad at cooking’. Trust me; never let me in your kitchen unless you’re ready to see your house in fire. We have no maids in our house, much to my dismay. Father said that there is no need for one since there’s only the four of us and mother, despite how much I hate her, makes the greatest cakes I had ever tasted.

I closed the pantry once I got myself a croissant and went to my room. I reached for my story notebook and plopped myself on the bed wishing for some ideas to enter my mind but after ten minutes of staring session with the blank page, I closed the notebook and go back to the foyer where Grim is licking himself. I seated once again on the couch and position Grim on my lap. I knew it, I should have gone with them to the party all along.

OOC: sorry, long post. I'm used to RP this long in my old group. Just consider this as an introduction to who Aria is (:
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