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Posted 1/23/12 , edited 1/24/12
((Ok guys, I'm gonna take over Aika :P))

Aika: I've been having the same problem, so sure! Just give me a minute to grab my stuff! *Walks to desk* *grabs handbag* *shoves wallet in bag* *goes to closet* *grabs jacket* *puts shoes on* Ok, I'm ready. Let's go!

Sakura: Hang on a minute. *Almost laughs at Aika's hurriedness* I need to grab my handbag and stuff too, stupid.

Aika: Oh...sorry, Sakura *Aika rubs the back of her head and laughs nervously*

Sakura: *Pats Aika degradingly on the head* It's okay. I'm used to it. *Grins and races to room before she can get killed*

Aika: *chases Sakura*

Sakura: *Grabs handbag* *Grabs jacket* *Shoves feet in a pair of shoes* *Jumps out her window*

Aika: *Follow Sakura* *Shaking her fist* *Emitting evil aura* What. Did. I. Tell. You. About. Patting. My. Head!?

Sakura: Sorry!!! *Eventually runs out of breath, with Aika behind her* *looks up and sees Central town not far from where they were* Well, at least we made it *Smiles nervously*

Aika: *mutters* One day...

Sakura: *Ignores Aika* Let's go shopping! *Runs off to her favourite clothing store*

Aika: *Shakes head and follows*

((Note: Sakura's room is on the ground floor))
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