Reward and Punishment

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Reward and Punishment

It's the middle of the "Golden Week" holiday break, most students spends this precious week in a lot of different ways, some spends their week on a beach catching stroke and sunburn, while the other unfortunate souls must stay back and attend the cram school until they pass the mock up proficiency exam for National University Entrance Examination.

It's only been four days since I arrived back home and yet I'm worried about something... “I wonder what Keigo and Haname been doing?”

Keigo and Haname were my friends since junior high, since that time these are the only two people who could manage to piss me off every time they were around. Keigo follows me around because of free food and tutoring. While Haname on the other hand hounds me, because I smell like a fresh honey dew melon according to her.

However the ties that bound them together would most likely be... their shallow carefree attitude and most probably, be---me. So, I decided to return to the dorm a little earlier and pick-up a little shopping on my way... just in case. Once I get there, I normally dropped by at the dorm supervisor's office, just to check for bills and other stuff and tease Mrs. Boss.

“,” Mrs. Boss. “O genki desu ka?” I asked, with a teasing smile.

“You look a little different today.... Oh, I see... Is that a new hair style,” Mrs. Boss? “It definitely looks good on you,” I continued.

“Shut it! Koji... Just take your love letters and leave me alone!”

However, as soon as I leave; she will look at her reflection on the glass window and smile. “It works all the time,” I thought with a smile on my face.

“It's still without a doubt: a holiday, so, almost all the rooms should be vacant... but, where is that awful stench coming from?” I thought. As soon as, I opened my door; I felt like I was hit by one of Inuyasha's Kaze no Kizu. I dropped everything… so I could cover my nose and mouth with both hands. Only until, I opened all the windows and stuck my face outside, then, I managed to take another breath of fresh air.

“Good Heavens! What! Just happened here?” I burst out saying. “Oh, I remember... I lend my spare key to Keigo and Haname. That's what happened!”

“Damn! Those two,” I exclaimed. “I'll teach them a new lesson they will never forget,” while grinding both teeth out of anger. Mean while, Time goes faster whenever you're busy.

“Soro soro jikan da to… omoy mas. The cram school should be finish... by... about.... NOW!”

I'll just text him a message... "Hey Keigo! I'm having a party, please drop by at the dorm as soon as possible and take Haname with you."

10 min. later.... The room intercom rings. It's them, right outside the main door.

“Koji, let us in.... the password doesn't seems to work anymore!”

“It's because I changed it, you… TWITS! (Calm down… Koji, calm down),” I keep trying to remind myself.

“Sure!” Shows a big sweet smile on the intercom camera, afterwards, press the release button. Shortly after that.... I heard a knock on the door.

Komban, Koji Sama.... Keigo and Haname: reporting for duty. Sir! While, still shaking like a wet puppy, perhaps; they’ve already realized---that I'm really crossed.

“Alright, you rascals… don't just stand out there ...come in.... Douzo. Please take a seat….”

“We brought you all your favorite drinks Koji... melon, pineapple, peach tea, lemon tea, green-mint tea, and even mango soda.”

“What's this, No Cola?” I replied teasingly, while grinning.

Keigo replied with cautious tone, “I was about to get one; but I remembered: you said, you hate Cola before so... but, if you want to…. I'll go; and get one right now! Then, Haname stood up as well, I... I'll help you carry... Keigo.”

“What are you so worried about?” I asked.

“Koji sama. You looked even more--- scary when you tried to hide your anger with a smile,” Haname said nervously.

“Yeah! ....Your un-natural smile sends chills down my spine,” Keigo seconded. We know why you're angry... were sorrrrry!

“Please sit down.... I prepared some appetizer, Sushi Maki in all possible flavors you can imagine. Please dig in…. For the main meal, I prepared some curry, and apple pie with fresh whipped cream for dessert.”

They sat down, very closely towards each other and away from my reach; still shaking.

“Itadakimasu!” Both of them shouted in unison… before they started stuffing themselves.

“What about you Koji?” Keigo asked with suspicion.

“I had a bite while I was preparing it,” I said. “It's a new flavor... for sushi maki, what do you think.... Any good?”

“Yeah, now that you mentioned it....”

“I feel a little light headed,” Haname said. “Me too...” Keigo replied. “What's, in it Koji..?”

“I added some peach sake in it, along with the usual sushi rice vinegar.” *smiles*

“Pea..peach……” Keigo, repeats slowly.

In the back of my mind, I was thinking. ‘Now that they are both fully relaxed.... I can start the punishment game. Otherwise; they might passed out.’ So, I grabbed both of their hair from the top of their head roughly, to get their attention.

“You guys don't mind playing a little game with me, don't you?”

“NO PROBLEM!” They both shouted together with a rather sleepy look in their eyes.

From the outside, I can hear Mrs. Boss's footstep getting closer and closer. “A little alcohol and this two can't tone their voices down,” So I thought. “DAMN!” So, I turned on the stereo with J-pop music selection playing. Picked up a couple of handkerchiefs from my drawer.... And then....

“Hold on a sec, what's the blindfold for?” Keigo asked.

“It's a surprise no peeking,” I replied, with a soft calming voice, while leading them into the middle of the room: “Now on your knees,” I whispered, “just stay still... put your hands behind your back... yes, both of you.”

Then, Click! Click! ....Clack! ....Clack!

“What is this for?” ...Koji sama, Haname asked.

“It's a game.” I replied, while I was removing the blindfold-off the two of them.

“What kind of game needs handcuffs and dogs leash for?” Keigo asked curiously.

So I replied, confidently “....A modified version of Truth and Consequence.” Before they can ask another question.... “Sa.a... Hajimemas yo!”

“If both of you answered this question correctly..... I will remove your handcuffs and the dog leash.”

They both nodded: “Very well… first question: Yes or No, category.”

“The one who refuses to do as I say; will get a beating…. Wakaremas yo ne?”

Both nodded, and then shouted in unison; “Hai!” Mean while….

In her living room, Mrs. Boss is still restless.... “There is something fishy going-on over there.... in that Brat's room..... I'm sure of it!” She thought. Driven with deep suspicion, Mrs. Boss walked her way. Right in-front of my door; and just when… she is about to knock: She overheard a loud demanding voice. Saying....

"No one is allowed to stop, until ...I'm satisfied!”

Shocked with what she just heard.... So she decided to listen a bit more, this time with her ear as close as possible to the door.

Listening.... “Aside from that brat (Koji) I can .... hear other voices...” she whispers to herself.

Still listening….

"Stop it! It hurts."...A girl's voice?

"I can't reach it! Open your legs wider woman!"...That voice doesn't sound like Koji's

"No please, I can't take it anymore, make him stop, please, Koji sama." …hmmn... that's definitely a girls voice.

"Stop leaning on her too much, your body's crushing her."...well, that's Koji's....

Still listening....

"Well I can't reach it, unless I do it that way!"

That's it! Mrs. Boss's convictions finally resolved.

‘I heard enough...’ She said to herself, Mrs. Boss un-glues her ear from the door. “That brat should be expelled immediately!”

Bangs the door... “KOJI! Izumi, Koji! Open this door right this minute!”

“Hai, coming....” As soon as, I unlocked the door---Mrs. Boss forced the door open and walked right in.... And she looks really worked out too.

“What's going on-here!” Mrs. Boss shouted, with a demanding tone of voice.

“See for yourself....” I replied; ‘Well, to be honest.... I've never seen a person so stunned... with a jaw dropped wide open before,’ I thought, ‘I could swear; anyone could probably see her tonsils a kilometer away if she stayed with that pose long enough.’ With a quirky smile on my mug I approached her slowly.

“Hey!” ...With a slight tap in her shoulder.... “Daijoubu desu ka. Mrs. Boss?”

“Eh?” ...She replied, with a stunned look on her face.

“You looked like you've seen a ghost, please have a seat. As you can see... Mrs. Boss: We were just playing "twister" You know…. To, work-up some appetite before dinner.”

“Would you... care to join in? If, not with; "Twister,"....what about Dinner then?”

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