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Posted 4/28/11 , edited 4/29/11
*spoiler alert, spoiler alert, I MEAN IT ....SPOILER ALERT*
For those of you who have been following the manga, you can agree that the manga and anime are sooooo different right?! I mean in some ways it looks like the plot has changed in the anime. In the manga Toujou was introduced by Beel being sick and in the anime it seems like Toujou is making his first appearance all casual at the beach o.o And with Aoi, yeah in the beginning she would blush alot and misunderstand alot what Oga would say but as the manga progressed, it mostly went away, sure every now and then it happens but in the anime it happens all the time which gets annoying(imo) I get a few laughs with the anime but since I read the manga first I guess I feel like the anime is not on the same level as the manga
SO, which one do you prefer manga or anime?
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Posted 5/4/11 , edited 5/5/11
i voted the manga but the change are minimal so while i dont like them that much they are bearable (unlike fullmetal alchimist, escaflowne or hellsing and many more).

The reason i voted the manga is mainly because of the amount of filler they putting in the anime allready.
I mean the manga have over 100 chapter so they should not have to put that many right now...
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Posted 5/25/11 , edited 5/25/11
I think the manga is way better and the anime is really heading off in the wrong direction. 1/3 of the anime so far has been filler. That is a huge amount.

It has changed the personalities of the characters so much. Aoi is being made to look like a total idiot especially with that 'cute' swimsuit thing (total filler). In the manga she was out training like the seriousness of her character would have demanded.

I'm a fanfic author so I have to watch character development very carefully so my stories are in character and I have given up on using the anime as my basis because it is so different, and not in a good way.

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Posted 5/26/11 , edited 5/26/11
Gotta admit the abundance of filler has spoiled a lot. Not just character wise but it also killed a lot of the impact of Tojou's first appearance.

For one thing they showed the tattoo before he encountered Beel. Which frankly throws a lot of the tension right out the window. The Manga had you thinking "oh crap, this guy already has the bond to Baby Beel." With the Anime you are just left thinking "ok how dose this guy have the mark when he hasn't even met Baby Beel, is there another demon baby out there or what?"

On top of that in the Manga we knew so little about Tojou by his first appearance, he came across as a real nasty SoB.

In the Anime they seem to have gone out of their way to show he is basically a decent hard working guy who just happens to attract fights
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