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Posted 4/28/11 , edited 5/3/11
We need a Easter leader

What are you? [ leader/x-eggcatcher ]:

Chara Name [ optional ]:
Chara Personality:
Chara Picture:
Chara Transformation

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Posted 5/1/11 , edited 5/2/11
Username: abbly_77
Name: Reina Sayuri
Bio: Is a very shy girl and love to sing and dance around. She is new to this job and is currently working on replacing Utau's place to become the next Top star for Easter. She has 2 chara's that can be annoying at times. She come's from a very rich family. Her mom is a famouse Cook and her father a famouse T.V host.

Chara's: Celestia and Kila
Chara personality: Celestia is the good part of Reina and tries to help her but Reina keeps denying her. Celestia try's her best to set Reina straight for once. She also helps Reina sing most of the time.

Personalty for Kila: Is the bad side of Reina and helps her collect most of the x-egg's. She pushes Celestia to the side and trys to get Reina to do all evil for Easter. Kila wants to be the favorite chara and so far she is. Does most of the Chara change with Reina wen they are in concerts to collect the x-egg's. She will also transform with Reina wen people get in her way.
Pic: Celestia:


Character Transformation with Kila: Dark princess

With Celestia: Violet Singer!

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Posted 5/2/11 , edited 5/3/11
Username: iiiGuess
Name: Ai
Bio: Ai has a hidden background that even Easter doesn't know about.All that is known so far is that she doesn't go to school and she spends her time sleeping,eating,walking around the town,visiting the shrine,and making x-egg.Ai's family is rich and bough Ai her own shrine which explains why she spends her time at the shrine.Ai and her family barely communicate.Ai is a quiet person to people she doesn't know,but when she's fighting she becomes a different like person.

What are you? [ leader/x-eggcatcher ]: x-egg maker if possible.
Chara Name [ optional ]: Laice and Amaterasu
Chara Personality:Laice-Very quiet,rarely talks.She is the center when Ai is making x-eggs.
Amaterasu-Amaterasu is used for fighting.Amaterasu herself is usualy the one talking when it's only Ai and Laice,but in front of everyone else shes quiet.
Chara Picture:


Chara Transformation:Laice-Phoenix' Rage

Amaterasu-Dragon Sprial

Phoenix' Rage:
-Phoenix's Flight
-Roaring Flame
-Flames of the Sakuras
-Phoenix Soul
Dragon Spiral
-Dance of the Dragons
-Dragon Storm
-Dragon's Claw
-Soul's Rage
Posted 5/4/11 , edited 5/5/11
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Posted 5/7/11 , edited 5/7/11

danii0897 wrote:

Chara(s) Name:
4. Horonigai (the one i use for my easter's work and stuff)

Chara's Personality:
1.Shizukana: She is a tiguer chara. is the mature chara, with perfect manners and the intelligent one. She always ahve an answer to everything and will always think twice before acting, so that way it will all go as planned. She loves to read, help, run, do sports and play classic instruments.
2.Amai: She is the cute-baby-doll chara. She is always smiling and is full of happines, but if you get her mad (waking her from her naps or stealing her food) she will be very dangerous. She loves to eat treats, sweets, candys and stuff like that. She likes to do ice-skating and olimpic gym. She is always carryng her teddy bear or her pink bunny.
3.Kotonaru: She is the punk-goth-rock character. She loves to tease people/charas and make pranks to the others. She likes to play the electric guitar/bass and the drums, listen to music and use her sisters as servants because they are the 'nice' ones.
4.Horonigai: She is the cool and cold character, she dont caeres about the world. She is loveless and almost emotionless (some times she demostrate feelings). She have also a sweet side that she only shares qith the ones she gets along. She loves to cook and play the bass.
- love melody (send the one that hear her to sleep)
- book storm (she is able to read others minds like a book and use it against her opponents)
-feline army (tiguers appear making the opponent inmovable)
- Baby time (a shower of flowers will surround her opponent turning him/her in a baby for all the time she wants, or until she distracts)
- Cute world (plushies appear and will obey like to her commands, from attacking her opponents to making a protecting barrier fro her)
- kawaii kiss (when she sends a kiss to the air
- Rock guitar (a red and black electric guitar appears and when she plays it, the ones that heard it goes into a trance in which they live their worst nightmares)
- Black skull (flying skulls appears and if they kiss you they kill you. they can also throw fire balls)
- Shadows world (she control her opponents shadows and can make them attack their owners or protect her from anything. everytime they recieve an attack their owners get the damage)
- Ice time (she can stop time for 5 minutes maximun)
- Black heart (fill your heart with confusion, dibelief and sad feelings that make you feel unsure and will take out a x-egg)
-shinning light (her black hearts accesories will turn red and will send golden colored waves of energy that can purify x-egss) /this attack was banned by the director/
Character Transformation:
1.Shizukana: Inter Balance
2.Amai: Sweet Dream
3.Kotonaru: Black Skull
4Horonigai: Bittersweet love
Chara's Picture:
Name: Megumi Sakurada
Bio: Megumi is a sweet, cute lover girl. She might be a crybaby or a crazy girl but she is really mature too. She likes to listen music, escape to her imaginary world when she is bored, buy clothes/music/books with her friends and her elder sister, cook, draw, write, read, play string instruments and practice Kendo. Her talents are Home economics(cooking), kendo, write, electric guitar, violin/cello, ice-skating and surfing. She started playing violin when she was 5 years old and learned to play de cello when she was 7(that´s why she is a famouse violinist/cellist althought she like to learn new things) and she learned guitar at the last year of elementary school, she is part of a band with her older sister and 2 best friends. She LOVES to make happy the people she knows. Her favorites type of music are pop, pop-country, pop-rock, rock, some of heavy metal, pop-punk and punk. She works at Easter because her parents are friends of the director. Her cover-carrier at Easter is actress and famous violinist/cellist. She is friend od the guardians and her artistic name is Megumi Yamamoto. She was send to seiyo with the mission to befriend with the guardians and then tell their plans at easter.
What are you? [ leader/x-eggcatcher ]: x-eggcatcher

You can only have 3 charas and you have 4 charas. please fix your form and complete the whole form sorry for the confusion.
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Posted 5/9/11 , edited 5/9/11
Name: Konami Kuro
Bio: She works for Easter as one of its top x-egg catchers. She has a tendancy to collect x-charas while hunting. She lets them stay with her but they often break while with her because the true user changes in heart. She has a crush on Ichirou

What are you? [ leader/x-eggcatcher ]: x-egg catcher
Age: 16

Chara Name [ optional ]: Rin, Luminia, Akumai
Chara Personality: Rin is her love for music. Luminia and Akumai are x-egg charas. They don't belong to her.
Chara Picture:



Chara Transformation: She doesn't chara-nari with Rin
With Luminia: False Eclipse

With Akumai: False Heart
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Posted 5/25/11 , edited 5/26/11

sorry for late accpetance, been busy -~- approve
Posted 6/12/11 , edited 6/13/11
Username: yoru_luvah
Name: Panda [Real name is Saeko Kinishiharu but no one knows SHHHH call her by Panda or die.]

What are you? [ leader/x-eggcatcher ]: Leader >:)
People can see Panda walking throught the halls of Easter but they don't know her name.....
Chara Name [ optional ]: Kiki and Miki
Chara Personality: Kiki is a nice loving girl who wouldn't hurt a fly... Miki on the other hand will kill you or everything! Miki is Panda's fav chara.
Chara Picture: Left is Miki and Right is Kiki

Chara Transformation:
Miki- Soul Killer

Kiki- Angel Lover[ This transformation never happens so don't expect to see it anytime soon]

Charachange: Miki- Swipe,Anger,Slice! Panda gains a scythe and she gets a skull earing.She is very heartless and she can kill someone.. Like Temari's charachange. Kiki- Love,Life,Help! Panda is cheerful and she is always happy.Gets a smileyface earing. Like Dia's charachange.

Chara Name [ optional ]: Len
Chara Personality: A nice chara who is very charming. When he takes off his sunglasses like he does in the picture, other girl charas would swoon. But he is also a very dark chara which means he can be nice for a couple seconds and the next couple minutes he is very dark as in depressing i think...
Chara Picture:

Chara Transformation:
Dark Death

Charachange: Len gives Panda 2 charachanges... Nice,Cute,Show! Enables Panda to be cute,nice,and she can be the perfect girl... Die,Dead,Gone! Panda turns depressed and sad and depressed.

Chara Name [ optional ]: Meroko
Chara Personality: Neko-ness
Chara Picture:

Chara Transformation:
Black Cat

Charachange: Jump,Fast,Nya! Panda gets a kitty pawprint earing and she can be like a cat.

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